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Sushi has the runs and gas. STINKY!!

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Alright I got a question. I got a new kitten. The vet gave her deworming stuff on Monday, and since then she has the runs and gas. Is this normal? If things aren't better by monday I am calling the vet.
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DID she have a fecal sample showing worms?? If she did and it was possitive likely it is the worms dying but I would call a vet on Friday
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I called the vet and the lady said that there are probably worms still in her and that they are dying off. Also we had changed her food so that is probably a another reason for the problems. The vet lady said as long as she's eatting well, drinking water, and being the usual hyer kitten to wait another week and after that make a appointment.

Right now she's zooming from side of the room to another, attacking toys, and doing her pouncing. Hopefully her tummy will settle down and we'll have a normal pooper kitty.
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Well that's good news from the vet, I hope your kitten gets well soon.
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My new kitty has been stinky too. I think it is a combo of the new environment (stress) and the switch to new (premium) food, which is richer. I also noticed that she is more stinky with certain "flavors" - especially beef, so I am not giving her anything right now except chicken and a little fish. It is too early to tell, but her system might have trouble with certain things like beef or grains. I am watching carefully and keeping a food diary on her in case it doesn't clear up on its own and I take her to the vet.

I heard it will go away in a a couple weeks when she settles down and her system adjusts to all the changes. Like your kitty, she is active, drinking her water, sleeping fine, looks bright eyed and has a shiny coat. She doesn't seem to be bothered by loose stools or bloating.

I am not too worried, just anxious that the smell reduces SOON. It is truly unbelievable. I do volunteer work in a cat shelter and all those cats don't put out anything that smells like this. Whoa!!
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Yeah I know what you mean by never smelling that before. We have to open windows and turn on the fan. We even cover our noses because its sooooo bad.

She's a slinder little kitten, I nicked name her Little Budda, because her tummy sticks out after she eats. She also has a very slinder face, so I think she's whatever her mommy was or her daddy. She was a stray little kitten that someone took in and it was either me adopting her or the pound. I couldn't see that happening to her. So, I adopted her.

We have changed her over to Friskies soft food, and god the smell has reduced. They had her on 9lives. So I think the change of food is also not helping her.

When I get my next paycheck she gets all her shots, god is she going to hate me.
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