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i miss my playfull kitty

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ever since my cat got pregnat she wouldnt go hear my husband who she loved and she isnt playful anymore she is only 10 months old and her kitties are 2 1/2 weeks old will she start playing again and why wont she go here him any feedback will be helpfull
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well, i would say she will probably get more playful, as the kittens get older, she will play with them... maybe, and she will probably get more playful, and i dont know about why he wont go near your husband, sorry
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Sneakers doesn't trust my husband with the kittens... she hisses at him and runs away from him if he tries to pick her up. It's probably a temporary thing... wait until her motherly instinct hormones die down before you worry too much.
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my answer idk if its true, but im not good at answering them, so i gave it a shot,
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she will let my husband play and hold her kittens she is just cold tawes him
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Boo's babies are 3 weeks tomorrow and im starting to see my Boo returning. She is starting to leave them for a while and coming back to me. When im stroking her she is rolling around playfully again. I think she was so tired while pregnant and is such a good mum she didnt feel like playing. Now as the kittens are growing she is begining to relax and enjoy herself again.
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ever since Kitty had kittens she hasnt been the same. she used to be a fun loving cat and now she's all.... "mother-like". lol. its not bad, just different.
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I agree w/ e1 else. I think your sweet loving kitty will return as soon as she knows the kittens can make it w/out so much supervision. Right now she just being instinctively protective of her and her offsping and I think once she feel comfy that the kits can supervise themselves she will be okay. Also if your hubby wasn't there for the birth that may play a role too. She may trust you from being there for the birth and helping out, but not him yet. I think if you just give her some time and she will do just fine. Me, however, I am truly enjoying the change because I never had a loving kitty now I do
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