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Trouble urinating...

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Today my cat seemed to go to the litter box a few more times than usual. When she sat in it, she would sit for a long time with only a small amount of urine coming out. She would lick herself immediately afterwards. Does this sound like something in particular? She is about 6 years old. She is acting normal other than this...but I am concerned. Thank you.
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go to the vet. They will totally help you in this situation. Oh and by the way my name is Hannah too. lol
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Sounds like a Urinary Tract Infection. Or not, it is really hard to say but your vet would be able to help. Call and ask what you need to do to get your cat tested for a UTI. Some vets just allow you to bring in a urine sample and some want to see the cat and will remove the urine themself or even keep your cat overnight until she pees. But without being treated it will become really painful for your cat to go to the bathroom and she may start urinating elsewhere.
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My cat has crystaluria. it is very curable. the only reason i found that out is because i got a UTI for him. its very easy for a vet to do a UTI. when they gave my cat a UTI they just removed the urine themselves. Its much easier for them to just remove it themselves rather than waiting for the cat to pee on their own. Please get a UTI! So go to the vet its very simple. to get a UTI where I live cost about 30 dollars. Its for the sake of your cats health. Its totally worth it.
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I looked up information on UTI and it sounds exactly right. I will call the Vet first thing in the morning and hope they can fit her in. My preferred Vet is not there until Monday but I don't want to wait. I figure treating UTI is pretty much standard. The priorities in my schedule tomorrow have definitely changed, I will get her seen. Thank you for your help!!!
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No problem. Always glad to help a fellow kitty lover.

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