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Question about FIV

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I saw a post on craigslist about an FIV cat that needs a new home. It is at a "pet thrift store" as they called it and one thing they said made me wonder and I have to ask about it.

They said:

Lester is a loving cat that has FIV (Feline Imuno-Virus)
Like HIV, in humans, Lester will one day have AIDS.

Cats with FIV don't "one day get AIDS" do they? What are they talking about? A am somewhat new in learning about FIV and FeLV and I wondered if they are just referring to the fact that he seems healthy now but will one day get sick and pass away.
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FIV+ cats can develop AIDS - not sure how common it is though, and not sure how ill they will get with it.
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AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Virus. I would assume they mean that the FIV will eventually result in the destruction of his immune system, which would make them unable to fight off infection. From what I've heard, FIV cats can live long normal lives for the most part. One of my local cat shelters even offers a "Wellness Certificate" for the FIV cats. Here's an excerpt of what the shelter says:
"Cats diagnosed with FIV can lead long & healthy lives. Because CAT feels so strongly that they will remain healthy and wishes to provide a sense of support, a Wellness Certificate is issued upon adoption.

# These certificates provide the following, free of charge, for one year after adoption: Annual preventative health care.
# Comprehensive health exam after 11 months.
# Any veterinary (CAT Hospital) care required that is related to the cat's FIV status."
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Not all cats that test positive will ever show symptoms (last I read was a little more than 50%, but I will check today), and most do live long healthy lives. The biggest problem with FIV cats is keeping them from transmitting it to other cats via bite wounds, and are more prone to having problems with gingivitis and problems with their teeth. It is recommended with FIV cats to keep their stress level down, keep them indoors, and discontinue vaccines.
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