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Uh Oh! My will is weakening - stray cats are harking

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OK, I walked out my front door to leave for work today and on my front stoop and near it was this cute, adorable little calico who layed in front of me and rolled and to my left was a big ole tiger looking boy who did the same thing. It was as if they KNEW a sucker lived here and were just waiting patiently for my exit. I have seen both before and have attempted to get them to me for a pet, but they would not. I so wanted to let them in but was fearful of disease to my baby's (especially Tiger, in his recently weakened state). But, what was a cat lover to do?

So, to the detest of Socrates and Tiger, I took THEIR food out and gave the visitors a heaping bowl full. They were grateful and allowed me to pet them. I looked up at the window and my boys were giiving me this look "HOW DARE YOU GIVE OUR FOOD TO THEM? TRAITOR"! I couldn't help but to laugh.

Luckily, I live in a very quiet, small, single story apt. complex and on a dead end with an adjucent neighborhood right next to us where I believe they may be from. I mean, they don't look underfed or malnourished at all. But, I've got such a big heart for them.

If I lived in my home already I would have isolated them til' I could get them to a vet (which is near impossible because of my recent expenditure) and adopt them. They are both just SO sweet.

It really does baffle me how cats just know which home is cat friendly like that. Cats are just so perceptive and amazing creatures.
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Yeah, isn't it amazing? They seem to know who is a nice person that would feed them and pet them Of course, sometimes people who want to get rid of their cat will abandon him/her deliberately near the home of cat lovers.

Maybe you should put a cat collar on them and add a note with your name + phone number, asking the owners to call you. That way you'll know if they are house cats or strays.
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Awww, MeowMan.....you are the best! To feed those poor kitties like you did!
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My kids say that my house his a sign over it that is visible only to stray cats and dogs. The sign says "sucker lives here". It sounds like MeowMan has one over his place, too. Good luck, MeowMan, that's how it all starts.
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All the kitties know my house as well. I don't like to think of my sign saying "sucker lives here"...more like "cat lover lives here".
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