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i have a question...

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how do u make those banners for your sigs???
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Look for the Siggy Shower-request only thread and ask someone for one.
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The siggy shower is here. One of our talented members will be so happy to help you make a siggy with your family! Please feel free to post a few pictures!
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Can someone make their own sig or does it have to be made by one of the other members? Is there a way that we can make our own. If so, How?
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of course you can make your own. you need to use a photo editing program, like Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro. There are usually 30 day free trials you can download-then you have to pay if you want to keep using them. if you do a search on Google for "free image editor" you may be able to findn a free one to download.

I prefer Jasc Paint Shop Pro. It's not free, but it's a good value for the money.
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Many members make their own sigs. If you decide to do so, please follow the rules listed in this thread

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