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New home for great Florida cat

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Wonderful cat needs a wonderful home. Kitty is very loving, declawed in the front, neutered, completely litterbox trained, and up to date on all shots. He is gorgeous...black and white, almost three years old, and has a very soft, shiny coat.

Why am I trying to find a new home for him? He loves attention. He loves to be in the same room with me and to sleep by my pillow every night. What he doesn't love is my dog who constantly wants attention and does not let Kitty get enough. They get along...but my dog gets too jealous. I need to find another home for him because he is not getting the attention he deserves. I will not bring him to an animal shelter. If I cannot find a better home for him, I will keep him. I just know he would thrive in a home where he gets more attention.

His litterbox, collar, toys, carrier, and any remaining food or litter will go with him. He is a very sweet cat so I will only let him go to a good home. The perfect home would be one close by (Florida or Georgia, USA), of someone who would be willing to keep in touch with me, and of someone who would return him to me if for some reason he/she could not keep him.

I have never re-homed an animal and I don't know what is the best way to find a good home for him. Any suggestions?

Thanks! For more info or pics, my email is kamcbride2@hotmail.com
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There is a really good PDF called "how to find homes for homeless pets" that has information on placing ads and a sample contract. You can find it here:


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I would suggest obedience classes for the dog. While dogs and cats don't always become best friends, they can certainly live together in peace. And most likely your cat is strongly bonded to you, and would rather have part of your attention, than all of someone elses.

Dogs are pack animals, and should learn their place in the pack. If the dog is showing jealousy of your affection and attention to the cat, that is a symptom of a problem. Correcting this issue will also solve the issue of jealousy over people, too.

Good luck to you and your kitty. If you are not able to keep him, I hope he finds a good home. Let all your friends and family know if you are wanting to rehome him. They will be your best resource for rehoming an adult cat.
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