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Frisky :(

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4 years ago i had a outisde long haired black cat, she would go to the bus stop with me, she would sit on ur shoulder if u put her there, she liked to take naps in the middle of the road cause it was warm and stuff then one day she was crossing the road to come back to our house, and she got hit... i loved her a whole lot... i cried for like 1 hour straight...
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I'm so sorry for your loss and so sorry she had to leave you the way she did. Frisky sounded like a very beautiful cat and is now safe and free in kitty heaven.
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After 4 years, Frisky's charm and beauty still shines brightly in your memories! She knows that she was loved and treasured i hope that you are able to share all that love with another cat; not to replace Frisky, but in honor of her.
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We lost a kitty to the street years ago. He would follow the kids to the bus stop, and one morning got hit by a car. I had no idea he was following them to the bus stop!

TCS has lost so many kitties to the road recently! May all the kitty mommies find comfort in their memories!
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I am so sorry for you loss.

Rest in peace Frisky, enjoy your time at the bridge.
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