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My boys, their story

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This is 8-Bit Wolfgang. Now 8-Bit has a tiny problem with carbs, as two out of the three pictures dictate. We have had to lock up anything bread like, or wheat like because he LOVES it. 8-Bit is also my bossy kitty, and in his alpha male wisdom he tells us through his trilling what is good, bad, or annoying. I am working on getting a video clip of him back talking so that once and for all you can see a human being loose an argument with a cat.

I know I have two boys. The second part of this will be dedicated to Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds.
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lol, hes cute tho!!!
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Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds. I know a big name for a 10 month old kitty. Yet, he is one of the sweetest cats I've ever come across. In these two pictures Scratch is in his favorite spot in the world, sitting in front of our window watching the birds. I've posted the one of him yawing in a previous thread, but it's just so cute it deserves a second look.
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Awww their all lovely, but that last ones a corker!!!
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Yet another of Scratch, I took a full body shot of him so you could kind of judge his size. The vet told me that he was "substantial". I have yet to figure out what that means.
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Wow, there's a slight resemblance between Scratch & Max don't you think?
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8-Bit Wolfgang pouts a lot. This is the "Mommy you just took away the last fun thing in the world to do!" look. I get it about once a day when I am preventing him from jumping onto a hot stove, eating something that is going to make him sick, or scaling the side of our book cases.
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Now there's just something not right about this picture. I can't even tempt him in this thing with treats when he has to go to the vet. I leave it out because I'm too lazy to put it away and he curls up and takes a nap in it. I'll never understand cats. Never.
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AWW~they are precious!!
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Typical 8-Bit...
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That last picture reminds me of the time one of Zoe's kittens jumped in the fridge, and my step father is legally blind so he shut her in there. She started meowing and he couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Thankfully me and my fiance got back and my fiance found him. I wasn't to happy at first, but after knowing that he was fine just got a little chilly, I was able to laugh about it.
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Ahhh I love that last one I can only imagne if he turned around he would have a look of...But But Mom I'm hungry. really I am soo hungry
They are both very beautiful also...
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The little stinker decided to pose for me this morning. Here is his best impression of a vampire. Shhhh... don't tell him it isn't scary.
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If there's one thing in the world that melts my heart its the sleepy kitty smile that Scratch has. I had to post this. It makes me proud to be his furmom.
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