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Are Cat Doors Safe ? What about other Animals ?

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I have thought about a Cat Door

BUT: What about OTHER Cats/Dogs/Skunks/Rabbits/etc etc

How can you let YOUR Cat in and keep the other animals out
if you have a pet Door?
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There are electric doors where the cat wears a collor with a little device on it that opens the door just for the cat.
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Well I used to have a cat door in my old house and it worked perfectly. none of the other neighbors cats came in at all. If you get a cat door, put it in the backyard so it stays more hidden.
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We've had a cat door for something like 13 years. In all that time, there has been exactly one instance of another animal coming in -- at least I assume that's how he came in, because we were at work, and no other door was open. That was a neighbourhood cat, who has been canvassing our house for a while, and been told several times by Fawn to take a hike. On that occasion, he presumably went back out the same way, but he left his collar and a good deal of fur behind. It was several weeks before he came calling again. Other critters have ventured in an open door, where they can see what they are getting into, but never come through the cat door.

I think an animal who is unfamiliar with the house, is generally unlikely to use the cat door on spec, simply because he doesn't know what is on the other side of it, or whether he'll have an opportunity to escape once he's committed himself. Our visitor, while he's never been made welcome, has never been mistreated here, has ventured in an open door more than once, and has been around enough perhaps to decide that the risk was worth taking.

Bottom line: I consider the risk vanishingly small, and well worth the convenience for both humans and cats of the household.
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I'd be afraid of someone using it to break into my home. Bent coat hangers and other crook type equipment can work wonders on inside door locks.
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Natalie Ca has a point. I'd be worried about that too.
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i think it depends on where you live?

My aunt once had a coon come in, some snakes, frogs After she got rid of the cat door no more problem.

the automatic ones sounds cool.
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We have our in a glass window which the cat have to climb up to access. Stops creatures ambling in
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IMO I wouldn't have a cat or a dog door. I don't want either to think they can come/go as they please.

Besides who really wants holes cut in a door? If you move, then the door has to be replaced or boarded up and that doesn't look very nice.
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Unless you have one that works with those magnetic collars, you can't. My parents have always had cat/dog doors. In their current house, they have had several bouts with raccoons. Our last dog was blamed for eating all the food until we caught the raccoon in the act. The raccoons in our area aren't afraid of dogs or people either. Another time, a raccoon apparently came in through the second dog/cat door (we had one to the outside and one to the garage) and attacked my brother's rabbit (which did survive the incident). When they move, my parent's probably won't put another dog/cat door in their new house. In the meantime, they have to close up the outer one every night to keep our critters in and the raccoons out.
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