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ugh.... help me

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so i posted on june 28th about a cat we had found (we have had for a month and almost two weeks now) who is pregnant
well she still hasn't had her kittens but last night she was leaking alot
and she keeps having diahrrea
i don't know what to do
help me
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by leaking do you mean discharge? if she is having discharge and it's not green or smelly then it should be soon.
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diarrhea can dehydrate the cat really fast. A little may be normal but if there is a lot of it the cat may have worms or something. Has she been to the vet yet? I think prego cats can be dewormed but your vet will know best. In the meantime you can give her a little bit of canned pure pumpkin or plain or vanilla yogurt. Just a small amount, a tablespoon to start with and maybe a little more if she likes it. Not more then about 2 tablespoons though. This is only a temporary relief though, realize she may still need to be dewormed. On the other hand she may have eaten something off the floor or a table scrap that didn't agree with her, if it just happened once or twice.
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um... im not sure
it was like white and clear at the same time
it wasn't green or smelly
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hmh i don't think she ate anything off the table
i'll have to check thanks
but it just started last night , the diarrhea
so i don't know
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Try the yogurt or pumpkin. The cat is more likely to eat the yogurt though. Just a small amount, too much will cause MORE diarrhea
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the first thing you need to do is go to the vet.
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