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Stomach flu(little graphic)

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Tuesday afternoon, I felt very naseous and sweaty and just not well. By 7 that night I was sicker than anything. Waking up every 20 minutes(literally...I watched the clock), it was AWFUL. I had a fever of 102.6 yesterday ALL day and after a long warm bath, it dropped. I called off yesterday and today and today I feel a little better and will be returning to work tomorrow(it IS payday ). Well Trav came home today with the same symptoms I had. He's currently laying down and here it's the sick taking care of the sick. I don't want to keep passing it back and forth so am disinfecting the toilet that I was sick in the other night. I know we will get new toothbrushes when we are better but I was wondering if there is a good way to disinfect a digital thermometer. I know that if he has what I had that he will be running a fever tomorrow and don't want to keep passing this rotavirus around. I also have a sore chest and neck and know that(and I know this is kinda graphic) it is strained muscles from dry heaving. So if anyone knows any good remedies for the disinfecting the thermometer and my sore chest and neck that would be helpful so please PLEASE let us know.

OH and this is becoming an epidemic around the daycare. Yesterday, by 7am, when I called off I was the sixth person. I found out that we had only 10 kids in our room(those kids were mostly up all night too but the parents brought them anyways) and there were only 4 regulars teachers there. It is awful> It hit everyone unexpectedly. So also please keep us all in your thoughts

Sorry but I need to go lie down again......
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Rotavirus is nasty, especially for the little ones. My daughter was hospitalized for dehydration last spring because of it. I don't know of anything you can really do to to ease your symptoms that maybe Pepto and be sure to drink lots of fluids to replenish your systems.

As far as passing it back and forth, because it is a virus, once you've had this particular strain, you can't get it again--you are immune. Unless it mutates in your husband's body (which it likely wont'), you are in the clear.
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I definately feel dehydrated. I am very weak and can't sit up longer 15 minutes at a time. I have only had one.5 liter bottle of Sprite today. My body feels like it doesn't want any. I am forcing it down though.

Oh and as we are speaking, Trav is in the bathroom now. I feel HORRIBLE
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You can try drinking ginger ale, or maybe ginger water (put a small pinch of powdered ginger in warm water). Ginger helps stop the nausea and also helps balance the electrolytes in your system. Raspberry leaf (not rasp. flavored) tea helps stop nausea, and marshmallow root (simmered 10 minutes) is soothing to the irritated membranes.
Also, sending {{{get well soon prayers and vibes}}} that Travis & you make full recoveries by the weekend. Wish I was there to brew the teas for you Susan
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MMM....marshamallow root sounds interesting....

Anyone know anything about disinfecting thermometers?
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Ack!! hope you and Trav feel better soon!
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alcohol will disinfect it rub it with a cotton swab that has some on it.
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Originally Posted by Oscarsmommy
MMM....marshamallow root sounds interesting....

Anyone know anything about disinfecting thermometers?
Isopropyl alcohol? Better than nothing.

Sending get better soon {{{vibes}}}.
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Rotavirus is a really yucky thing to get, my nephew was also hospitalized with it. The best advice would be to drink Gatorade, as it has those electolytes to keep you extra hydrated.... or pedialyte. And rest...

Hope you feel better soon!
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Oh boy...I hope you feel better soon. I had a bout with the stomach flu last month and it was terrible

For disinfecting your thermometer I say rubbing alcohol too, it always works.

As far as trying to get yourself feeling better you should steer clear of fizzy pops (if you feel like that's what you want, wait until it goes flat before drinking it)

My doc suggested the BRAT diet until I felt better

Rice (plain)
Toast (dry)

and for liquid he suggested good old water, and gatorade.

Hope you are on the mend soon!!
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I third the rubbing alcohol. You could first washing it with soap, disinfect it with rubbing alcohol, then use peroxide for a double dose of disinfectment. Clear liquids go a long way when you are that sick. There are medicines you can take ,like phenergan, for nausea. I was on that once when I got food poisoning.
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Thanks guys. Trav felt much better by yesterday. He's eating everything now. Now just wish me luck. We have a wedding reception tonight and I still don't feel 100%
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