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kitten born with 2 faces

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I came across this and thought I would share...this is the weirdest cat thing I have ever seen...Poor kitty


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I've heard of this happening before- I think it was last year. The poor kitties never live. I'm glad the young boy seems to realize this. I think it is a version of siamese twinning or something.
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This is really sad. I don't know much information on genetic defects like this, but it would seem like the only humane thing to do would be let the poor dear go to the Bridge, and play happily and free.
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That is very sad- i hope the kitten make it....but it really needs to be kept warm with their mother -and that's definitely not happening with people handeling the kitten and showing it off on the news! Poor kitten....and if it's not nursing, it probably won't make it. However, tube feeding wouldn't be a bad idea ...but which mouth would you put the tube down? That is a very unique situation. I hope the kitty makes it. I'm glad the little boy seems to have an understanding of what's going on and really seems to care- it is always a lovely thing to see children really care for animals . I just hope he isn't too upset if the kitty doesn't make it.
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all I can say is wow, just wow
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OH Gosh that is very sad, wish I haden't looked at it now
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All I kept saying was "PUT HIM DOWN THATS WHY HE CAN'T FEED!"

He was just born and the kid was handling it.

grrr. I would adopt it!
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I can't see the video but gross!
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aww.... he's so cute!! it's sad but I still think he's cute... I wish he would live... I'd name him Gemini
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