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I think I have a new friend

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It seems we have a new friend here at our house. We have a good number of ferrals in our neighborhood, or at least lots of outdoor cats that aren't truly cared for. I usually talk to the kitties when I am outside if I see one, but most don't pay me any mind.

Well yesterday DH and I were sitting on the couch after dinner and we'd just had a T-storm. Suddenly DH said "Honey, there's a cat sitting on the car." And this black tom cat was literally sleeping on the trunk of one of our cars! He was just stretched out as comfortable as could be. At one point he heard me open the kitchen shade and looked at me.

So today I got home from work and before I went in or anything I took the trash can around to the back. Then I decided I since I was back there I should just go ahead and walk to the mail boxes then. So I did and on my way there I saw him. I did my usual kitty call and he just came running over meowing! He rubbed all up on my legs and everything. Then he followed me to the mailbox and home again. I almost thought he was going to jump in the car when I opened it up to grab my stuff. But he scooted away and was looking around as I went into the house.

I didn't actually pet him, though I think I could have. I noticed he had patches on his head and ears where his hair was missing some. I don't know if he has fleas or anything like that and I don't want to bring it in to my girls so I just kinda checked him out and reminded him to stay away from cars and things. And then he went off to a house next door where I think I've seen him before.

Now that I think about it, he's probably the cat I saw laying on my deck a earlier this week late at night too. I had just opened the door to look at the moon and noticed him. But I couldn't see him too clearly. Then Sunday night this week there was a cat fight literally just beyond my deck. I mean they got to banging all up against my house! DH and I ran out and the fight stopped. I saw a black cat and this big fluffy orange tom. Now I'm thinking it must have been him both times.

I don't know what is going to happen from here. He is very friendly and seems well fed. He isn't neutered and I don't know what could cause that fur loss (a fight, ear mites, fleas???). I'm truly not sure if he 'belongs' to anyone around here. I know there are several people who feed the strays. I only know of one lady who has tried to get some fixed. If this precious boy is trying to get me into rescuing...he better talk to the man! They just tug my heart strings.....
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Perhaps you can offer to help the woman who is trying to TNR the cats in your area....it requires spaying/neutering 70% of the cats in order to stabilize the colony and see an improvement. I truly believe that the more cats are fixed..the better it will be for all cats.

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