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what can delay birth?

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is there anything that can affect Icis to make her delay birth? she desent even seem like she wants to give those poor kits up,lol
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is she in a quiet area and all that? i know i've heard if some cats arn't comfortable they will delay birth or they wait until you are gone or asleep to give birth. just make sure she isn't stressed and all that. good luck.
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Have you talked to a vet about possibly inducing her? I don't even know that they do that for cats, but it could be an option. If you are sure of your dates and know for sure that she is a few days past due, it would definitely be calling the vet for suggestions?
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well, she was last in heat the first week of may, so that would make her 9 weeks now, a lil over. she has the choice of a quiet area ( my bedroom) but chooses to stay in the livingroom with the tv and dog,lol. she sleeps all day and night, just gets up to eat ,lol
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maybe confine her to the quiet bedroom. out her stuff in there and her blankets/nesting materials and food water litterbox and all that. Maybe play some soft music to relax her a bit...
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I'd just keep the house calm and quiet, leave her alone if that's what she prefers, or stay with her if she is the kind of cat that prefers that (which I do find most are)

She'll have them when she's good and ready. She may have started being in heat the first week of May, but say she concieved 3 or 4, maybe 5 days later. If she concieved May 5th for example she's only on day 69. Late, but not uncommon at all.
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ok, after a 30 minute belly rub at her request,lol she is now panting and contracting, but no where near in the quiet, she wants to be in the kitchen on the cool tiles. i dont have a door to my bedroom. i tried to confine her to the bathroom, but she just sat at the door , scratching it, so i let her out. what can i expect to happen now?
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Holy SH!t its actually happening lol i didnt think they were EVER coming!! GET THE CAMERA!!! Yay Icis!!
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any babies yet?
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Liza---- so what is going on?????????
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Are there Kittahs??
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Yay Icis!!!!! if she is set having them on the cold tile at least try to get a towel under her or something. anything yet???
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as in my upper post, WE HAVE BABIES!!!! 2 ginger and white males as of 6am. still has one or 2 left to go feels like, but labor has stalled,,,anything i should do?
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How long has it been since having last kitty?
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she had the last one about 5:30,,making it about 2 hours 20 minutes roughly.
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If u suspect that there is at least 1 more i would prob ring up the vet when they open (if they open at 8) is she still contracting?
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she is panting again, and starting to contract, so i will see how it goes. HOPE it means she will push the rest out,lol. imma go check her.
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Sometimes cats will kind of take a break between kittens. But if she continues to not have a kitten or seems really tired i would ring the vet.
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we have another baby, blk, yellowish and ginger. mom got him out, then ate the cord, so no placenta yet, but im going back to check on them
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