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help! fluid in lungs

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We are need some help! We are becoming desperate!
Our 4 year old calico has always been fairly healthy and robust,
If a bit wheezy.
But 2 weeks ago she started developing fluid in the sac surrounding her lungs-
Antibiotics seems to have helped (not feverish any more) but every
Day we are taking her in to have more fluid removed.
Taking her home at night to monitor as her breathing is very hard and heavy.
(She has a chest tube on both sides now and they are drawing an average of 30-40 cc’s every day)
Our area only has x-ray capability, so vet is unsure of cause-doesn’t see anything on x-ray.

Does anyone have similar experience? Ideas on cause?
Ideas on treatment?

Thankyou! For ANYthing!
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Have they ran tests on the fluid they pulled already? That needs to be done to know what you are dealing with, then address treatment.

I'm VERY sorry for you and your kitty sending hugs and prayers your way
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Wouldnt that be the same as pneumonia in humans?
I work in the health care field, although this is not what I deal with often.
They always diagnose pneumonia with an xray though..And our patients are then almost done the same as your kitty. Where they go in and drain the liquid surrounding the lungs. They usually take atleast 2 weeks to really recover, the patients seem to be with us for a while. Also antiobiotics. Has he mentioned pneumonia to you?
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