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My new cat

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Just adopted today

I will be changing her name from May-Ling to Mina. She's 3 years old and a mix of Siamese and Cornish Rex, her color is blue-point and white.

I don't have any photos of her yet, except for the one from the rescue.

So here she is.

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Mina is very pretty...congrats on getting a new baby!!
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I'll move her into fur pictures but she's gorgeous
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Aww.. Mina's a pretty girl! I'm glad you gave her a home.
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She is very beautiful.
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She has lovely eyes.
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Thank you all.

She does have beautiful eyes, and they are crossed like Joss' were , and she behaves and sounds so much more like a Siamese then a Rex. I could almost say that she's an Oriental.

The hour drive from the vet, (near were the rescue is situated), she was spayed yesterday, went without a hitch, no problems at all, she meowed once in a while but nothing too serious.

She did ate a little bit, but went into hiding right away

She will be staying in her own room for a little while, to give her time to get used to us.
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awww! cute kitty!
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Thank you everyone
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She's lovely! Looking forward to more pics!
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as you know I think she's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats! You must post more pics of her!
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she's absolutelyl beautiful - may she have a long and happy life with you
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very pretty little girl!!
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Thank you everyone

The first night went very well, she's still hidding but she is a bit more relaxed when I talk to her.
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She is gorgeous!!! Congrats on the adoption!!
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Awww...she is so cute!!! So, when is she getting added to your siggy?
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Ohhh She is so pretty!!! I like the name Mina!!
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Thankt you everyone.

I will need to take more photos of her before I (well someone who's a lot more proficient with the computer then me) put her in my signature.
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