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porr dying cat

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I have a 17 year old siamese cat who has been going down hill for a couple weeks now. She has lost a lot of weight and can no longer stand on her own. I have not taken her to the vet because she is horribly traumatized by any visit there and I understand this is an age related progression. I know she is dying but is just very weak and doesn't seem to be in too much pain. I want do this in the kindest of ways, at home and where she is comfortable. Without sounding like a horrible person, is there any way to help this process along and do it peacefully? I did call the vet and couldn't get an appointment until tomorrw but I don't want anything done to prolong her life, which they will do. I also can not afford to pay the emormous estimation of fees they gave me. I am just sick about this but she can no longer walk or stand. Please help me.
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If the cat is old, and can't walk or stand and is obviously suffering, then any decent vet should take all of this into consideration.

Wait until tomorrow until you talk to the vet and just see what they say.
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I agree... Don't take matters or life into your own hands....
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oh I hate when cats get old... If my cat was llike that. I might have to pts.
because if it cant walk, it cant eat,drink,use the litter box......
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could your vet possibly make a house call? and a vet cannot so anything you don't agree to, I think it might be best at this point to end her suffering, because even if she doesn't seem like it, if she's so weak she can't stand and hasn't been eating, then she basically is starving to death, and that's not fun.
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Look in your local Yellow Pages under the "Veterinarian" listing for any mobile vets.
I used a mobile vet for an in home euthanasia last year and he was a marvelous man. Our failing dog didn't even have to get up out of her bed. Mobile vets have a lot of experience with this sort of thing and can make it very easy for a dear, old pet.

My sincere sympathies- be strong for her. An easy passing is the last gift you will ever be able to give her.
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I totally agree---don't attempt to take matters into your own hands. Any worthwhile vet would take one look at your girl & agree that, at her age & in this condition, there's isn't much to be done for her. Be firm with the vet and, as Cearbhaill said "an easy passing is the last gift you will ever be able to give her". If you truly don't think this vet will heed your wishes, find one who will. Regardless of whether or not she's showing it, your kitty has to be suffering.
I'm so sorry you & your little one are going thru this.
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