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This isn't a problem, but I wasn't sure where else to put the thread, and it is behaviour.

Our new kitten Libby meows frequently and I've no idea why! She'll either just be walking past and do it, or sit and look up at my husband or I and do it.

She knows where her food is, her water, her litter tray and toys. If I try to pet her, or even sometimes when I just turn to look at her she walks/runs away so i don't think it's attention she wants.

It sounds a bit like a cry as if she wants something, although sometimes it's happy, but i don't know what she wants, i can't think of anything else.

So, do kittens just tend to give you meows to say 'i'm here, i'm ok, no need to worry' or am I missing something? This is my first cat so i'm not sure what all the clues are yet with body language and speech.
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It seems to me that she's looking for attention. Play with her. Get one of thos stuffed catnip fish on a string and let her stalk it and chase it. Kittens like interactive playtime, and you are it's Mom now, so it wants it from you
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Cat's meow for a multitude of reasons, and some are very vocal others not so much. I have one of both extremes. My one cat will meow like crazy at dinner time, and will talk to you when you get home from being out, or if she wants attention. Sometimes she just likes to talk...My other kitten has barely said 1 meow since she entered out house 8 months ago!
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Aaah, so maybe it's playtime attention and not petting attention?

I'll have to give that a try next time she meows at me and see what happens. I just assumed that seeing as sometimes i'd speak to her when she meowed and she'd run that she was just playing games or i wasn't understanding her.

I do give her tons of playtime, but maybe she just enjoys it that much! It's so cute, i noticed the past couple of days, she even knows how to ask me for specific playtime now. She hides behind her scratching post and peeks her head out and looks at me, and I know that's the cue to get her favourite toy and let her chase it.

As I said, she knows where everything she needs is, which is why I didn't understand why she's still meowing so frequently. We'll see how the playing goes though.
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I have one that will do that until I get up and follow her. She usually leads me to a cricket or some other interesting thing she has found.
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Yes kittens meow for multiple reasons. They either want something or there just meowing because they feel like it. My cats meow a lot just because they want to, not because they want something.
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Neo only speaks when he wants outside, wants into or out of a room, or thinks something's wrong with Mommy. Sapphire doesn't meow so much as chirps, and she does it all the time. She'll hold entire conversations with me and sometimes you can catch her griping at my husband!
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Stoli seems to whine/meow without even opening his mouth. At first it was cute and now it's just annoying.
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