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Mag-Lite (with something sticky smushed all over it...)
Crate and Barrel gift receipt
Lip gloss and lip balm
My passport
$1 note floating loose
Moisturizing lotion (small bottle!)
House keys, car key
Allergy pills
Heart meds
Muesli bar
Hair bands
Lactese tablets
Cheque book
A random prescription

and most interestingly.....
A large black handle off a dog crate...
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keys, 2 wallets, checkbook, spoon, womanly things, brush, travel lotion, hairspray, mouthwash, denture adhesive (shhh ) neosporin, band aids, q-tips, salt packets, birth control pills , Advil, anbesol (just in case), allergy meds, sewing kit, cell phone, charger, a toy dinosour (thanks Deacon), work schedule, pocket screwdriver, glasses case, 3 pens, a yellow highlighter, digital camera, business card holder, old lottery tickets,pictures and more....... I'm begining to think it's bottomless because I could go on and on
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I have to keep my wallet and purse separate. I keep my wallet with me when I go shopping, and my purse pretty much stays safe. I have bandaids, kid snacks, a brush hair ties, any medicines that may be needed when I go out, bills and other important papers. I am a strange girl I guess, I have one purse, and use it for storage.

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Bus tickets
Two Body Shop lip butters
Hand sanitizer
Assorted bits of paper (not much right now)

I think that's all -- it's upstairs and I'm too lazy to go look

PDA and cell phone usually go in pockets, but occasionally in purse
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No money, no checks, and no credit card because I am really broke.

I don't have a purse. I only have a wallet.

Several cat food coupons.

Two mint candies

A lipgloss compact that is the size of a credit card.

Several discount membership cards (Sephora, Ulta, Petco, Petsmart,Traditions bookstore, Blimpies, Antionios pizza, Krogers, Hastings, Vitamin World, Beauty First Salons,

My health insurance card. My perscription plan card. My student ID. My library printing card. Hubby's student ID (how did it get into my purse?)

My Texas Resident ID (in lieu of a drivers license)

A certificate to participate in an economics experiment.
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lol- this is for ALL of the times Colin has assumed i have bricks in my purse:

cell phone
girl products
eye drops
spare contacts
wallet-money, change, credit card(emergency only), reciepts....
paper clips,
compact mirror/brush
moisturizing hand sanitizer (bath and body works )
a burn kit - I ALWAYS burn myself, it never fails! lol
benadryl, hydracortizone- just in case i have an allergic reaction to something
astmah inhaler and nebulizer - takes up too much space, but i can't go w/o it
sewing kit
first aid kit
my medicine
hair ties
tons of lip gloss- i use it all!
tiny tube of deoderant
tiny samples of perfume....

i'm sure i'm leaving out something...I have a ton of stuff in my purse, but it's all fairly organized in it's own place.....except the keys! I'm forever loosing those in the bottomless pit of my purse! Did i mention, I need a bigger purse!!!
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Right now: cell phone. A coworkers money clip with ! 80 bucks. (It's magnetic and he musta walked next to the door frame) I'm giving it back tommorow. Weight watchers food guide book, ww weight diary w/ passes for this summer. WW food diary. Tons of little candys. Female products. Toilet seat covers (not too heavy and very handy!). Wallet. Casino card floating around. Return address labels. B & BW hand sanitizer. Throat drops. Change. Coupons. Receipts.

Rocky goes to the vet pretty often, and sometimes I find cat treats and toys I have grabbed to try to amuse him there that I forget.
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I know I have a ton of stuff still in the last purse i used. I threw this stuff in in a hurry, so off the top of my head, one overstuffed wallet, a cell phone, a bunch of pens from a job fair, gum and empty gum wrappers, ear bud, coins, lotion, hair brush, motrin, lip gloss, mirror, re-wetting drops, bcpills, small screwdriver, change purse holding business cards. a lady item or two (ya never know when ya need one!), spare keys, my keys, possibly a pay stub, and my most purse appropriate item is........ A FRISBEE!!!
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Let's see....

wallet, mace and keys, a few credit cards, a bunch of change, Misty ultra lights and lighter, a few tissues, Excedrin, lipstick, mirror, sunglasses, vanilla sugar hand lotion, gardenia body spray, small brush, pictures of my loved ones and Sash too! A small calculator, note pad and pens, gum and mints. I prefer big black bags since I like to carry alot of stuff. I just hate how heavy my purse feels most of the time.
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Burberry candy-check wallet, my cybershot (took it on a drive today to take pics), sugarless gum, sunglasses case with sunglasses in it (always have them with me), house keys, car keys, receipt from Jack In The Box last night (hey, i was craving chicken strips and an oreo shake!). ummm what else. purse size bottle of Angel perfume, cell phone, bunch of loose change.. thats about it i think.
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Advil, Midol, an anti-anxiety that shall remain nameless (my Dr prescribed it honest), some migraine meds, feminine products, a picture of my husband, my wallet, about $7.50 in loose change, tissues, 4 pens, my cell phone, 4 tubes of chap stick, a tooth brush, tooth paste, some powder for my face, my badge for work, a small book to write in, the book I'm reading (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep... I've read it 4 times. It's good), and I think that’s it.
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About the women with mace......

Is there any company that makes grow-in-the-dark mace? I need my mace to be really easy to find.
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i only have my cell phone, 2 kinds of breath fresheners, ice breaker sours, some money... thats it...
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I don't have a purse because I'd lose it quickly if I had one. And I have enough pockets on my clothes. Anyway, I always carry: inhaler, change, gum, meds, student ID, library card, health card, hospital card, cell phone, and occasionally chapstick.
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Hmm...cell phone, gum, PDA, wallet, receipts and loose change.

I don't like big purses...heck I barely even like carrying a purse.
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My purse is small so I can't fit a whole lot of stuff in it, just how I like it. I have my:

Cheque book/Wallet
Cell Phone

That's it!
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Originally Posted by shengmei
About the women with mace......

Is there any company that makes grow-in-the-dark mace? I need my mace to be really easy to find.
hmmm good question, you'd think they would, anyone an entrepreneur out there?
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky
Rocky goes to the vet pretty often, and sometimes I find cat treats and toys I have grabbed to try to amuse him there that I forget.
I'm forever finding cat toys in mine, specifically those fuzzy balls. But it's usually because Forest was playing with one and knocked it into one of my shoes and I didn't notice until I was out walking around somewhere that the toe of one of my shoes felt funny.
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In purse I have:
Checkbook/wallet combo
cell phone
safety glasses
car keys
cell phone
gloves for work
banana clips
a few cds
a twix wrapper ha. :/
a needle and thread. lol

ya just never know when you may need to sew something
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i have..

4 lipglosses
lots of phamplets
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I noticed this morning I forgot to include in my listing - CAT HAIR!!!
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I clean out my purse often, otherwise it WOULD look like a disaster area.

AND I moved from larger purses, to smaller purses like some of you, for the express reason of not carrying so much!

My checkbook/wallet/zipper changed compartment (that is what gets messy, there are ALWAYS recipts and bits of random paper with notes and phone numbers on them in that zipper compartment of my wallet)

my keys
Cell phone
Lip gloss
Faceplate for my car's head unit
Orbit gum
Allergy med
one hair tie
one small hair clip
clear nail poilsh
nail file
laser pointer (we took the kitties out of town last weekend and I took the laser pointer in my purse. Nail polish was for that weekend trip as well)

(right now) half a z-pak.
my termination notice from my job. ha
my old bosses email, saying to "keep in touch"
and a fortune cookie paper.
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Originally Posted by shengmei
About the women with mace......

Is there any company that makes grow-in-the-dark mace? I need my mace to be really easy to find.
Hmm I think as far as the mace goes, it would work best on a key chain, or have it out in hand when doing things such as walking to your car in a parking garage etc. With glow in the dark items, don't you have to expose expose them to a light source to enact the glow? Then after some time the glow fades. I don't know that it would be very reliable if you were counting on it in an emergency to find your mace.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
I noticed this morning I forgot to include in my listing - CAT HAIR!!!
I thought that was a given that we all had that in our purses!
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