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kittens a curtains

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How do you stop kittens from climbing up curtains?

Normally its not a huge deal cause my curtains are secure, but i just moved and i have makeshift curtains up right now, if they start playing with them they fall down.My A/C isnt working right and its 100 here, i need the curtains up to keep the sun out. HELP!

Is there a way to teach them not too, or am i just screwed?

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Spray the curtains with an airfreshner they do not like the scent of - Citrus for instance.

Raise the curtains off the floor as much as you can without exposing the windows. Also, a firm and loud NO will help when you see them trying to climb the curtains. They will learn.

Good luck..
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My rex kittens were taught you don't climb curtains. It was simple. When they were allowed freedom and not caged, they were watched. Whenever they attempted to make a climb or think the curtains were fun swings, they got squirted with water, or I clapped my hands and told them "NO" in a loud voice. Sometimes they were physically removed and a stern "NO" was given and they were put on or by the cat trees for climbing.

When we could not supervise their house manners training, they were caged or put in a room and not allowed total freedom.

Proud to say that by the time they left our house (at 4 months) they knew right from wrong and I had many new owners say "wow, your kittens are so well trained - they don't even climb curtains or scratch furniture like other kittens I've owned"!
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