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ewww... gross!!

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I went for my drug test yesterday since I started a new job. Well, the last time I had gone for a drug test I remember them taking blood.. which I dont mind at all because I really dont have any problem with needles... I have nothing to worry about because I dont do drugs (never have) so that wasnt the problem...

The problem was the technician gives me the cup and tells me "Fill the cup to 'this' line, dont flush, dont wash your hands, you have 3 minutes." I'm like "I cant wash my hands!?!" How disgusting is that?? Ladies, we all know that when we have to try to aim into a cup your bound to get some on ur hands.. Why in the world would they ask you to not wash ur hands... AND THEN! expect you to sign paperwork before you can... ugh... I was so disgusted when I left that I had to go home and take another shower again before I went to work...

Does anyone know why they do that?? Personally I'd rather them take a hair sample like the police department does...
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Whne I took a drug test for this job they let me flush and wash my hands. that is gross. I hate peeing in cups!
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Thats weird.... and gross!!
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Ick! I have no idea why they don't let you wash your hands. Maybe it's so you don't have any extra time to switch in another sample that you brought with you. Still, that is very gross. It is impossible not to get some on your hands when you have to do something like that.
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Yah I've had to pee into a cup a couple of times for work, and I've always been allowed to wash my hands afterwards!! I mean, why can't they take the sample, then let you wash your hands after that??

Not washing your hands after you've been to the toilet is an excellent way to spread germs - and if nobody is washing their hands - imagine how many germs are getting onto those pens??!! EWWWW!!!!
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Hahahahaha! That is very silly of them, because it won't stop anybody from doing anything. I would have had to take a shower too. Some places have the sink outside the bathroom, that seems like a good idea because then you can wash your hands where they can see you.

The reason you can't flush or wash your hands is because people water down the pee so it's less likely to be detected if they are doing drugs. But if there is water in the toilet, then they may as well let you have ten minutes in there with water on full blast for all the good it'll do.

But people will do anything to pass those tests, including wear a condom full of someone else's pee in their underwear. They should take blood, but people have even figured out a way to fake that!

IMO, drug tests don't prove anything but that you're smart enough to figure out how to pass one.

I'm sorry you were skeeved out about everyone's pee all over on their hands and the pens and such.
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Yeah I remember they wouldn't let me flush...but I had to wash my hands infront of them...I have had to take a few drugs tests for new jobs..most jobs now adays require a test
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haha guys the point is to hold the cup closer to the vagina. then you wont pee everywhere
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EEEEEEEWWWWWWW..... When I took my drug test they let me wash my hands....... I think peeing in a cup is a boy thing..
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Eww.. that's weird. I remember having to do that for my first summer job, but they at least let me wash my hands.

Originally Posted by KittyLova
I think peeing in a cup is a boy thing..
Sounds about right.
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I think it is really a boy thing. because boys stand up going pee. I see that on the simpsons.(cartoon)
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This thread is toooo funny!
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I'm a pro at peeing in a cup. As a child I had bladder and kidney problems and had to submit a sample for urinalysis every week for a year! Between that and the urine tests at pre-natal appointments and for work, I rarely ever miss and wee on my hands. Luckily, for medical purposes, they let you flush and wash your hands. Why would you want to alter your urine if your trying to discover or prevent a problem?

On the other hand, for jobs, people might have something to hide. My dad was a probation/parole officer for 5 years after leaving the military and experienced first hand what those people will do to test negative. For women, condoms in their vaginas that they burst with a fingernail. For men, packs of urine in a bag tied to their inner thigh (to maintain temperature) with a tube running along their penis.

Look at it this way, if you were a probationer/parolee, you would have had to let someone watch you go in addition to peeing on your hand!
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Most places will let you wash your hands after you've given your sample over the the nurse. That way you cannot tamper with it. Also, the ones I've been to, and the drug testing center my sister works at, all have those blue dye tablets in their toilets. No using the water from the commode to dilute your addiciton! And the no flushing, is so you do not get rid of the plastic bag etc. Try to remember those places are only reacting to peoples actions. I have however, had to take 1 test over like 3 times.... it kept coming up inconclusive. Because I drink probably a gallon of water a day. I finally had to go in 1st thing in the morning, without drinking a drop of water.... hello? It's July?! Aren't we supposed to stay hydrated???
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Ewww! I just had my annual physical yesterday and I must say I was rather proud of my aim when filling the cup. Didn't think I'd get to brag about it though!
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I did it for the first time when I was working at petsmart. Never peed on myself.
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I take drug tests at my job. If it's a female I have to watch them. I leave the door open a crack. People have been known to turn on the water and put hot water in it.. shove bottles in places that you don't want to think about..
The tests have validity tests as well. Dilute means you drank a lot of water or you put water in it. Ph means something tampered with the ph, such as bleach. Creatinine is a supplment that can mask drugs. Certain drugs stay in a lot longer.. Mj stays in 2-3 weks depending on your habit. Coke not as long.
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Im glad I wasnt alone in this... I was wondering if I was the only person who peed on herself... cuz Adrian made it sound like it was a piece of cake.. he's just like "spread and pee.." and I'm like.. "OH what do you know?!? you're a boy!! it's EASY for you!" lol...
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yeah it is easier for boys because they have a ................ we just sit down on potty.
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haha this is such a funny topic! I thought when giving a pee sample you would just put the cup right up against your, uh, skin down there and pee. You really don't even need to touch anything but the cup right? I have only done this once or twice so I don't know but I wouldn't think it would be that hard to not actually have to touch yourself.

And why would you have to leave and go home and take a shower? Just go somewhere and wash your hands really well.
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That is a health hazard- i would report the people who made you do that to the better business buero and the health department- there are regulations and codes for a reason! I'm sure that violates something!Not to mention, if they have that policy for every person who is tested there- imagine the potential disease and germs that are spread as a result of those unsanitary practices! Yuck!
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Originally Posted by fwan
haha guys the point is to hold the cup closer to the vagina. then you wont pee everywhere
haha! i cant stop laughing! that is too freakin funny!!!
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