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Hi, I was wondering if anyone would like to make me a siggy?

I have had a go but it didn't really work! I'm not so artsy and don't have photo shop. You guys who make them are so skilled, it's great.

Would anyone like to make a halloween siggy for me and Villy?

Thank you so much if you do, here's some 'scarey' pics!:

And some others for luck!


Please can I have a new siggy as I have a new kitten?
Villy is still getting used to the kitten - I love Rosiemac's siggy - the 'where the heck did that come from is fantastic!'
Here are some pics!
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I'd love a siggy if anyone is interested! Here are some pictures to work with The only other request I'd have is adding their names somewhere in the sig.





Thanks in advance if anyone wants to take a shot at it!
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Can someone do a new siggy for me? Here's the picture of Charlie. Would appreciate it very much and let me know when its done - thanks
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Hi all you lovely siggy making people...See how good I am at sucking up

Anyway I wonder if someone could take the siggy I already have...minus the "Frosted" thing and make the text fancy and put a background on it?
The text doesn't have to stay the color it is now, but I'd like the wording to stay the same.
This may be to much to ask, but since Lizzie is at the Bridge is it possible to put a rainbow sort of across her name?
If the rainbow thing can't be done I understand.

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I've been here long enough already without a siggy!
Here's link to my photobucket album. I hope some of those shots are suitable. I can always link a full res pic if needed.

I'd just like a couple of siggies to change round from time to time. Maybe something funny with Wiggies grooming himself.
If anyone has time that would be wonderful!
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I was wondering if I could get a siggy for Christmas... I'll take all my text off,, so whatever size you can do would be great...

Just something Creative and Christmassy... Thanks soooo much in advance....




Thank you so much.........

Can I get a siggy too??? Pleaseee.... I know your all really busy,, but I don't have a way to make one.. and I want to incorporate my whole pet family..

I'd like to have something fun, whimsical with their names on it...Colors and all.. If you can only do my three cats that is fine.. Otherwise if you can incorporate my dogs,, I would like that... Here are some pics,, Pick whatever works.. thank you sooo much.. ((Heather))






Hello all.. So I would love a new signature.. Whenever is fine.. I'm just really love all your new ones, and the neat backgrounds, and of course I have no software to do that...

IF you could do both my girls Chessy and Angel;;

Chessy Pics:

Angel Pics:

Thank you soo much!!!
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Here are my babies...if someone would make me a signature...Please

This is Sam our new baby!

Jewel our 3month old

Tigger our 27 month old

Max our 21 month old..a complete Mama's Boy

Zoe our 12 wk old...a complete Daddy's girl!

Lilly Our 7 year old

It doesnt matter to me which of my babies you use or how many I love them all!! I deffinately want my cats or atleast one of them in the siggy But like I said it doesnt matter to me!! Thanks in advance to whoever does my sig!
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Hey, here is a link to my photobucket album of my furfamily. would you make me a siggy? multiple cats i don't care. add shasta I don't care. please leave Saint out though. you can go through the rest of my albums for other images if you want. thanks.

please bear with me, i will get the original on the album, appropriately labeled it is just taking a while for my computer to get them. my sister sent them to me in a zipped file. my computer hates those.
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Here is a picture of my baby - her name is Twizzle

If someone can help me with the banner, I would greatly appreciate it....




I am posting another request

can someone please make a banner for me


My baby - Her name is Twizzle

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Yes yes yes yes yes!!! I would love a siggy shower! I have no knowledge of photoshop so I can't make any. But I've seen so many cute ones of everyone's kitties!




I know the last two are just the same but I couldn't decide which view!

I like the stars and the "meow purr" backgrounds that I saw in the premade thread, but I am totally open to anything! I wasn't sure how to copy them over here.


Amadeus is the light one and Sebastian is the tuxedo. Thanks!
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I would like a new siggy with only my cats names on it. Please put

Inky (RB)
Shadow (RB)
Cleo (RB)

Also put "out of sight always in my heart" or something similar.

Arrange the names the way you want and use any color you want.

Felicia and Beau are not at Rainbow Bridge but not living with me.

I have no pictures of my RB Inky.

Thank you so much.
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Ooh ooh! I want on the siggy shower!!! I'm so not creative when it comes to designing. So when you get a moment, if you could make me a siggy with my two fur babies in it, I would be forever grateful.

Some background: (for fun!)
Merlynn is my first baby...showed up at 8 weeks old on my front step and is the sweetest thing. Sleeps with me every night and gives non-stop head butts and little love bites and licks.

Piccolino was adopted in January so Merlynn could have a buddy. They love eachother dearly. He is a sneaky little guy and loves to be pet on his own terms. He is much more playful than Merlynn and really gets into Da Bird with growling and hissing.

One word to describe them:
Merlynn (gray tabby): Sweetheart
Piccolino (white with brown tabby): Unpredictable

I love them both dearly.

You have free reign with colors/fonts/choice of pics. If you need anything else from me, send me a PM. Thanks again!!!!
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I was wondering if someone would be able to make me a siggy?

Here are the pictures of the boys
Winston (B&W)
Murphy (G&W)

Also if Arnie who is at the bridge could be included in the siggy I would be very greatfull

I'm not sure what other information you need. I love the colours blue and purple if that helps?

Thank you in advance

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I was wondering if someone could make me a sig. I tried making my own but it's definitly not as nice as the ones I've seen on here. And then it got removed cause it was too big lol. So here are some pics. And thanks to anyone in advance that decides to make me one

This is Misty

This is Oscar

Misty had kittens about 4 weeks ago but I will wait till they are a lil older to have them all put into a sig. Hope someone will make me one *fingers crossed*
Thanks again!


Hey everyone,
I was wondering if someone would be willing to make me a christmas sig with all our rugrats in it. Here are a bunch of pics...thanks muchly! I posted quite a few pics but that's just so whoever decides to make one has lots to choose from And as for colours, as long as there's no pink in there I'm happy haha.


Misty and Oscar




Patches (on the left)

Last but not least my skinkid lol Kaela

Thanks in advance,

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if someone would be willing to make me a christmas sig without Misty in it. She is no longer with us and has gone to a new forever home. You can use any of the pics I have posted before
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
Thanks in advance,


Hello everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well! I was wondering if someone would be willing to make me a signature. Since we don't have Misty anymore, christmas is over and the kittens are getting older lol. I have new pics of all 4 rugrats which I'll post at the end of this. If you choose to make one for me you can either put them all together, make their own, or have the boys and girls seperate. Whatever suits your fancy lol So that's all, looking forward to seeing them. Here's the pics...

Oscar, this is the best pic I've ever gotten of his face lol




Thanks a bunch,


Hey there!
I was just wondering if I could get a siggy made with our 3 boys, Oscar, Tanner and Lex? Don't really have any preferences. Whatever you think looks good! lol Here's a few pics!




Thanks in advance!


Hey there,
Was wondering if someone would be willing to make me a siggy with just Milo in it? Thanks in advance
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It's time to start a new "Requests" thread as this one is over a year old. The requests from the past month will be moved to that thread.

The new requests thread can be found here:
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