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Found Lump Ahh

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help! i am looking after a cat for my best friend and the cat is 17 and if found a lump just above its hip! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh what do i do.. isit cancer? how am i going to tell my best friend she is in america for 2 months OMG ! someone please givbe advice im panicing ere!
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No one here is a qualified vet so the only way to find out what the lump is is to take the cat to be looked at by the vet.
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Before panicing - please make an appointment by the VET and have her checked. Might just be something very minor - but I would have it looked at just in case. Better to be safe!!!
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i will do that but what if it is cancer ..what am i supposed to tell my friend!
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i have made an appointmetn with the vet for tonight ahh im paniccing about going there and finding out what it is!
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Take a deep breath - not good to anicipate what it could or could not be.

I am so glad you made an appointment at the VETs - Let the doctor evaluate her lump.

No need to tell her anything until you know more !!!!! OK
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ok lol i always get worried something will happen to animals when i look after them and now it has so i will take a deep breath :|
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There could be a lot of things besides cancer, my cat just had a lump taken off and it was a benign could also be a fatty deposit, try to be positive and no matter what it is you need to be honest with your friend.
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Sorry, I don't agree about __not__ telling the person until you know more ... I'd want to know, and participate in all my baby's health decisions. But, then, maybe I'm just some sort of a control freak :-).

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i will tell the truth no matter what it is but how do i tell her that her cat is illl.. it isnt that easy
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It could be anything so do not jump straight to the cancer card. The lump could be an absess from a tiny sore that got infected, it could be a fatty deposit that built up. It could be a bug bite. It could be anything.

The vet will clear up any worries and all will be well.
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I second what has been said - it could be anything, so try not to worry. I found a lump two days ago on one of my cats that I was certain had to be cancerous - nope, totally normal kitty mole.

Your friend trusts you to take care of the cat, so I wouldn't be inclined to call her (only because she is so far away) until you know what's going on. You aren't doing anything that wouldn't be routine loco parentis stuff, so I wouldn't call her - if it was ear mites, you'd just take her to the vet without ringing your friend first.

IF it is something complicated, you will have a much better idea of what to say after you've been to the vet, as you will know about treatment options, severity, etc. and you will have something to say because you will have factual information to relay.

Good luck, and please let us know how it goes.
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Tell the cats owner you are taking the cat to the vet cause you need something looked at ...
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I agree with telling the owner. Perhaps she already knows about the lump, and could even have had it looked at before.

Another option of what it could be is a bug bite... I don't recall if you said it was sensitive.

Good luck & keep us posted!
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