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Sammy's Doing Great~!

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A couple of people had asked how our new guy, Sammy, was doing in the household. I think he's doing just great and peaceful. I took this with a diffused lens - hope you like it!

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Eddie it's gorgeous! Awwww Sammy you've settled in brilliantly
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Sammy, you handsome boy! He has such a serene feeling about him Eddie, beautiful!
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Aww...hi handsome Sammy!
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Eddie he is just gorgeous I am so glad he's settling in. How is Saba taking to him?
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I am glad the Sammy is doing well!! He is a handsome kitty and the effect of the picture makes it look cool
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At last, Sammy is where he belongs...with you Eddie.
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Awww he is such a sweet little boy, Eddie
I am so glad you brought him home, it's where he was meant to be
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Awwww...he looks like he's got you wrapped around his cute little paw!
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What a cutie! I'm glad you gave him a home.
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He looks right at home, Eddie! And he's a lovely boy.
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What a handsome guy. Did you wake him up to take the pic?
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