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pics of Eeyore

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I've got some pics of our new little guy, Eeyore, to share. Boy, I thought Diego was a handful....this guy is off the wall nuts! He harrasses Diego to no end and gets beat up but does not quit! He is always on the go when awake. I have such a hard time bathing him and clipping his nails. He's like a squiggly worm!
I'm glad that for the most part the two cats get along, aside from the occasional all just play though, no real scraps or anything.
Lately I've noticed that Eeyore has taken to suckling Diego's neck and chest..for the most part Diego doesn't mind but if he does he just makes a few verbal complaints and runs away. Its really amusing watching the two interact. Attached are two pics, one of Eeyore stretching and than one of him beating on Diego

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two more goodies I found!
Diego showing Eeyore what happens when you mess with him
and Eeyore just being cute. He's got this funny droopy lip happening, it looks as if he is always frowning.

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I love the droopy lip! He looks like an old man pouting.
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What a little mischief maker!, especially in the first picture
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how lovely is Eeyore?!? his eyes are gorgeous
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Hehehe the droopy lipped frown is fantastic!!

It's funny watching 2 "naked" kitties fighting - I got this image in my head of kitty mud wrestling, and all these kitties with fur watching and wolf whistling....
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Did you get his name from Winnie the Poo?? I love his name!
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my mom would love a hairless cat, shes alergic to cat hair

there cute!
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isn't he the baddest looking little boy with those sly blue eyes?!lol He was so sweet and calm when he first arrived, but that was just a front
lol...mud wrestling..that is too funny, you know they love to tumble when they're fighting so they would probably make an entertaining tag team in a pit for all the ladies, now there's a twist on mud wrestling!lol
both kits will go out of their way to do somersaults when diving for toys as well, little show-offs
Alaynna, his name did come from Winnie the Pooh. the markings on his face are what inspired that name.
I've gotta say these pictures DONOT do his wrinkles justice...he looks more like those Hawaiian sphynx's. I have to get a better pic showing how scrunched up he really is Hopefully those wrinkles don't iron out as he grows, I really love them
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Those are so cute!!
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He looks like he could be a devil He's a cutie in an evil sort of way But I'm sure he has sweet moments doesn't he
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oh yes, he can be as cute as a button and sweet as candy Even when he's being a brat he's adorable...both of these boys have me eating outta their paws
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More pics, more pics!!!!!!!
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What adorable pictures!! I am so glad everything is working out and that they are getting along. Keep the pictures coming!!
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thanks for the kind words there will definately be more pic sharing of these two
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took these about love they can barely both fit in that basket yet somehow manage to comfortably entangle themselves!

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How adorable!!!!!

It is so cute how our hairless babies love to cuddle with one another. I never seem to catch one sleeping alone!
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So cute! It's hard to tell who's arms and legs belong to who!
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Yvonne, Eeyore sure looks like a handful. I have to ask - what ever happened with Blue? Are you planning on attending the Southern Ontario get-together this weekend?
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Luvmysphynx, I adore how affectionate this breed is in general, if they are not lavishing attention on each other they are following me around or rubbing up against the dog!lol I can't see me stopping at two cats. They are so intelligent and human-like, I'm completely mesmerized

Sarah, Diego ALWAYS has his arm around Eeyore. If the little one tries to get up D holds him down and licks his face till he's purring again

Linda, I will definately be going to the get together just not sure yet if I'll be staying longer. I have a client that may want to meet and look at fabrics that lives in Mississauga. I will call you tomorrow and let you know if we will ride together. I hope that is ok, I know its short notice.
I see you have found my pics of Eeyore I was going to start a thread just to update you if you didn't catch this one
Blue is in the care of the breeders friend, the last news I recieved was that he was doing better, the raspy breathing had stopped but he was having a hard time with re occuring sniffles. Her vet said that indeed he had a murmur that was not there before but it was not one of serious concern. What concerned him was that it was not there before so he will get scanned at 6 months. From what I've learned that age the scan is more accurate, and since the murmur is at a 1-2 scale he thinks they should wait. So thats the latest. I am keeping in touch with the breeder and have told her I want updates on him, whether good or bad I want to know. If I hear any more news I will post an update.
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