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Tennis, anyone?

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Well, I admit I am a tennis addict. I was shocked to see Sampras eliminated this morning (US time), and am going to watch Agassi. I can't let that happen to him! WIMBLEDON 2002 !!! YES !!
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Yes yes yes! I love tennis too (well, to watch it ) and I was sad to see Sampras go. Cheering for Agassi too And the both Williams sisters!
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Oh my goodness! Did I jinx Agassi too? Well, who was that young British player who did so well last year? Was that Henman? I'll root for him and the new American who just graduated from Harvard. Sampras AND Agassi? In the first round---by players relatively new to the tour? Are they putting something in the water over in London?
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I confess. I've been watching the Wimbledon games even though I often say that I don't enjoy watching sports on tv. Please cheer for Jarkko Nieminen as well, he's the first Finnish tennis player to have made it into Wimbledon, not on a wild card. At least he won his first game, although I doubt he'll go much farther. I was surprised about Agassi as well, it's amazing to see a relatively new player beat such an experienced player.
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Eeva, I'll be sure to pull for Jarkko Nieminen even though I don't often watch tennis on television. (I was a big fan of Keke Rossberg years ago, in Forumula One. I met him briefly and saw him drive in the Long Beach Grand Prix back in 1980.) I've nothing against the sport of tennis, mind you; it's more a matter of my not paying sufficient attention to when matches are televised.

I have my favorites, nevertheless! I'm a big fan of Jelena Dokic, probably due to the intense amount of drive she puts in her game. And she's tiny, so when up against physical giants like the Williams sisters she has to be a human dynamo to compensate for the mass they bring to bear behind each shot.

Jelena Dokic

Regarding the men's game, I couldn't care less. The last male professional I pulled for was Bjorn Borg, so you can see I'm a bit behind!

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Ahh Keke Roseberg He's somewhat of a legend over here, not always in the best sense. It's funny, he's one of the names I remember from my childhood regarding rallies and such. I think he's still behind some of the bigger names of Finnish Formula drivers, or at least was at some point. I don't really follow Formula1, which of course is treason in Finland. We don't have many people that are internationally successful, so Finnish people tend to make the most of those few who are, such as Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Räikkönen or some of the hockey players that are in the NHL.

Anyhow, Jarkko Nieminen's game starts in a few hours, so we'll see how he does.
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Peukut pystyssä että Jarkko pelaa hyvin!!

(for those of you who don't speak Finnish, I wrote I keep my fingers crossed for Jarkko to play well).
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Unfortunately the Finn is out
Better luck next time then! :tounge2:
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