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fell off the refridgerator

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Hi all,

Mu kitten fell of the refridgerator a little while ago. He wanted to jump on me but I wasn't prepared and he fell, landed on his side and hit his head. Of course I'm extremely worried and have been watching him like a hawk. He did act dazed for about a half hour and has taken two naps but has also played with his toys just like nothing has happened. I called the emergency vet and they said that he may just be sore but if he acts 'drunk' again bring him in. Stoli has already been to the vet three times in the past month and I'm feeling like a paranoid momma. Then again, he looks at me like I'm the devil for not catching him or not feeding him. . . .

support? :-(
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That is really scary.

I know that you are keeping a close eye on Stoli.
Please let us know how he is doing.
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So sorry to hear about Stoli.
Those durn kittens always seem to trust when we're not ready and be leary when we want their trust.
I hope he's ok.
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I've shared your worried Mommy syndrome! When Sierra was a baby, she ran full blast head on into the open dishwasher door. I panicked, phoning the Vet prepared to make an emergency trip. After learning she was still playing and behaving normally, the Vet laughed at me. You're clearly keeping careful watch over your little boy, and I know you will have Stoli at his Vet's at the first sign of any problem.
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It's scary when the kits get hurt. They are not supposed to fall, but land gracefully, and when they don't we freak out.
I almost broke my neck last night trying to get to Pepper when she jumped off the tv (where she was not supposed to be) and missed landing on my massage table, hitting the hard wood floor really hard. She did not get up and come out immediately, and it scared the spit out of me. I almost jumped over the coffee table to get to her, she had knocked the wind out of her, and was still lying there. I didn't want to just grab her up in case she was hurt, so I laid on the floor with her until she got up and walked around. She's fine, but I have a nasty bruise from cracking my shin trying to get to her.
I am glad your kitty is ok!
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Well, after Stoli slept with me all night, we got up this morning and he acted normally. . .whined for food, played, whined for more food, etc.

I have never met a cat whose meow was so darn WHINEY!
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That is great news.
I bet Stoli's whines get your attention.
My little Sadie has a meow that could crack glass.
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seriously though,

do most cats whine when they meow or is this not normal? i feel like such a bad mom. He is great at guilt trips.
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Meowing IS whining
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