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Somebody just made my day.

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Ok, I've been having a pretty bad day today (see my vent earlier) and tonight I had to go to the bus station to pick up a bike someone sent me. The bike was still in a box, so I couldn't really roll it home... I had to actually carry the box.

And me, being stuborn and kind of dumb, I decided to take the subway back with the bike instead of taking a taxi. Which wasn't so bad... except that I live a few blocks from the station, so I had to carry that big box all the way there.

Well, I guess I looked kind of pathetic carrying that box, so some man who was walking by offered to help me carry it home. The surprising thing is, he wasn't even walking in the same direction... so he actually went out of his way to help me carry the box.

It made such a huge difference... not only making it A LOT easier to carry the box, but it made me feel good that some stranger would help me like that.

I wish I could really thank him, but I'll probably never see him again. But I truly believe in Karma and I am sure he will get his just reward sooner or later.

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That's very cool.
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I am glad you got help, you could have hurt yourself trying to carry it home alone. I hope something very nice happens to the man that helped you.
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What goes around comes around. I hope your kind stranger is amply rewarded.
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Isn't that just lovely! It's remarkable how someone can come along and brighten everything. There truly are angels among us.
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I am certain that he will be rewarded. My only advice is to pay it forward.

You may never be able to thank him/reward him yourself (although I'm certain that you did thank him) - but you can honour the spirit in which it was done.
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What a great guy.........
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THat is so sweet of him!! I love it when poeple show their true colors in a way like that! Bless the man that helped you!
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That is very nice! That would make me smile all day long
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