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Spoiled in Seattle

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Hi all! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to my family's kitties.

This is my little cat, Rumpleteazer, Teazer for short. She's named after one of the characters in the musical Cats. And she's well named, let me tell you! She is my little drama queen. She had to have surgery recently (she's fine ) and had to wear one of those collars to keep her from messing with her stitches. If someone was in the room, she would sit on the floor and hang her little head, like she could barely lift it. I wish I had a picture! It was the saddest site you've ever seen! But if no one was in the room, she walked around like normal.

She is my child. She was the runt of two litters. The lady I got her from had sister cats who had their litters in the same box, on the same day, while she was gone, and the mothers fed and bathed all of the kittens, so she had no idea who was whose! We were looking around at the kittens in this lady's bathroom, and I guess she felt she wasn't getting enough attention because she climbed up my pant leg. Like, "Hey! I'm your new cat! Pay attention to me!!"

Teazer was so tiny when I brought her home that we called her Tea Cup Teazer. My sister got a kitten from the same group and the vet didn't believe they were the same age! But they were! And what she lacked in size she made up for in sass! We have whole conversations and she's very good at talking back!

We call her a Tabbicomese, because she has calico colors, tabby stripes, and Siamese slippers. Not to mention the Siamese yowl. She has a raccoon striped tail, and the Abbyssinian ticking on her fur. Not to mention the Abby personality. My vet just thinks she's one of the prettiest cats he's ever seen. A nice thing to say considering she starts hissing at him the moment he walks in the room!

She's my little sweetheart. She is the snuggliest thing I've ever seen. She knows when I'm sad and she comforts me. She knows when someone is sick, and sits with them until they're well. She even did this for our old dog when she had a stroke. She greets me at the door when I come home, and calls after me when I leave. She's a little angel for me but she's a total demon when I have to take her to the vet. Everyone in that office knows that yowl! I walk into the waiting room, she lets out one yowl, and all the techs call from the back, "Hi Teazer!"

We've had 11 wonderful years together and the vet expects 11 more, she's in such good health. She's a character, but she's my character!

Next you can meet Max. My parents' cat. He's the annoying little brother I'm sorry I ever wanted! My sister found him and his two sisters after someone dumped them on a secluded park trail to be racoon food.

She brought them home, and my mom, my sister, and I each got to name one. I named Max and fed him his first bottle. Their eyes were open but just barely and they still needed round the clock care (bless my parents for doing it!).

I didn't know how appropriate the name Max would be. Turns out he's part Maine Coon. He's looks like one, with the long fur, tufts in his paws, and pantaloon looking fluff on his back legs. He's the size of a small male (13 lbs!), and he has the teeny tiny voice, and the personality. I was reading about Maine Coons on another site (http://www.fanciers.com/breed-faqs/maine-coon-faq.html) and it's like they met Max and then wrote the article. It was scary.

And he loves my feet. Not feet in general. MY feet! I will be sitting in a chair, with my legs hanging over the side, and that cat will come over and strizzle his cold, wet nose up the bottom of my foot! And he gets the biggest kick out of "helping" me put on socks and tie my shoes! It drives me crazy! Maybe he's not as stupid as we think! My mom and I did a test once. We both sat down and put on socks and shoes at the same time and he only came over to me!

He loves to play fetch with paper balls (Christmas is his favorite holiday), and he loves a good box...even if he doesn't fit into it! But he'll try his best! He's not the sharpest tool in the shed. I've commented to my mother often that it's a good thing he has her because he'd never survive in the real world for long! He's afraid of everything, including air. We haven't told him there's air in the house yet. He sneezes and scares himself. He was five before he learned his name. We call, "Kitty, kitty, kitty..." and he looks at us like, "What's a kitty, kitty, kitty?" (sigh) You are Max...you are...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and that their stories made you smile. You can read about the other cats that have come and gone in our lives at: http://www.freehomepages.com/graphic...ues/index.html.

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Welcome to TCS

Teazer and Max are both very beautiful cats

Keep posting those photos.
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Welcome to TCS!! Your babies are very cute!! I know you will enjoy this site...just keep posting those pics!!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

see you on the forums!
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Hi welcome to the site, your babies are adorable.
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Welcome to TCS! Thank you for the introduction to your kids. Teazer sounds like personality+ and Max sure sounds Maine Coon to me your cats are VERY photogenic, too! See ya in the forums! Susan
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Thanks for posting! I loved reading about Teazer and Max, they sound great! Adorable pictures too! My cat Tiger also loves boxes :p
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