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I had one of those never been so scared events as well

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Except mine was being bitten by my parents dog.......
The last day for us to have him was Monday. WE had just adoped our new puppy and the other two dogs were outside. We were waiting for Darius to go home before introducing our two.
I heard yelping and ran out to the back yard where my daughter thought the dogs were fighting, but I knew better. Daisy had somehow gotten her lower jaw stuck around Daruis's collar. And he had someone flipped so it was locked tight on his neck and cutting his breathing off. She was scared and couldnt get undone and he was way freaked and just attacking her since his mouth was free. She was bleeding and her nose looked cut open.......so me ran in there and tried to figure out what was going on and could not release his collar because it was too tight. I was calming the dogs down and had my daughter get scizzors. The dogs calmed for a moment and then when I was tugging Darius just freaked out and bit me over and over in terror.....and to keep him from biting Daisy anymore stupid me stuck my hand in his mouth to try and stop him........So finally I am able to cut inside Daisy mouth on the collar. The ONLY place I could get them in.......and after a few more moments Daisy broke free.......Poor Darius was so scared that he peed and pooped right there during the mess. Thankfully we separated them and they were both OK....Daisy cleaned up good with no visiable cuts and Darius was just scared......so we loved on them for about 45 minutes afterwards and then put them back together inside the house and they did fine.
I on the other hand ended up at a Urgicare center and had to have a tetnus shot and antibiotics. He got my right hand a few times and my left forarm the worst. Thats where he bit me first and I know the others are not as bad because he knew he didnt want to hurt me he was just scared. It was so scary....I even had my daughter call 911 at one point because he was bitting me so much and I had no idea how to cut off the collar.....
Praise the Lord that it all turned out OK for the dogs. Daisy had to have her food watered down that evening but the vet said she was OK and she is totally fine now.
Never thought in a million years that could happen to them. They just must have been playing and somehow got stuck..........no more collars on during play time.
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Heres my left forearm where he got me.......you can see the first bad one and then there is another puncture wound but not as bad. It actually looks much better than it did two days ago. Now its just all bruised. My hand does not look bad at all but its been bothering me the most. I think mainly because it swelled and was sore yet I had to use my hand for day to day things.
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Yikes! It sounds and looks painful! Hopefully you'll get better! Poor kids! I would never even think of something like that happening! It kind of makes me rethink letting my dogs play with their collars on. Yikes!
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Yep I had never thought something like that would happen either. They had many play dates before I even dog sat him and I had him for 10 days and this was the very last day and never had anything happen. The collars are fairly tight ya know so Ive seen them get their mouths on them in play but never where a jaw would get stuck I wish I had been outside to see what in the world they had been doing to have that happen. My guess is they were laying side by side like they do and just jawing at each other and playing and somehow she had her mouth around his neck and it got stuck under the collar as he stood up. So it must have twisted somehow and there ya go.......its was just so frightening seeing them both so scared and not quite sure how to release them.
After it was all over I felt like I was going to pass out. I dont know if it was from the excitment of it all or seeing all the blood or what.
I just know I never want to go through that again...........both of them pleading with their eyes to help them...........those few minutes lasted forever.
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I have felt that terror and its so immediate and you seem to panic and that is what happens so I feel the pain..Those bruises and fang marks look awful!....

My normally docile dog was stuck in a fence once by his collar (I was outside with him) and I heard yelping..I immediately went over to him and tried to get him unstuck and he did what dogs do instinctively when in pain..LATCH ON! Ack! So, there I am trying to get him unstuck and there is blood running down my palm.. So scary..

So, everyone in the same situation..Remember to grab a towel when you encounter this with your own dogs and put it over their heads before you attend to them...Its completely normal for a dog to bite (even its owner) while in pain or panic..

Glad you and the dogs are ok!!
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Ouch! I'm glad your ok! Any more problems with the dogs today? I highly recommend reading the behavior section of "Dogs for Dummies" - they have an excellent section that discusses how to break up dog fights so that you won't get hurt. I'm sure at the squr of a moment though you just didn't have a chance to think before you got in there to break them up....maybe if it happens a again, you can find some suggestions in the book to hopefully help prevent you from being bitten again. I hope this helps. I hope your hand/arm feels better soon!
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Yikes! That looks sore! Hope it feels better soon.

That brings it up.. dogs really shouldn't have collars on when they are around other dogs.. their teeth are too easily caught in the collars.. and that can be deadly.. break the dogs jaw, or stangle the other dog. Or both.
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I strongly urge you to invest in a couple break-a-way collars for them both. We had a very scary incident with Willy as a puppy- his collor got caught in the sliding shower door track. He was'nt even able to bark because it was choking him soo badly, we could'nt even figure out where it was stuck at, so we cut it off- needless to say after that the only time he wore his collar was when he was out on walks. Have them wear the break-a-way collars in the house and yard, and keep a good sturdy one(like what they already have ) for taking walks or other out of the home ventures. Thank God no one man or dog was tooo badly injured. I'm soo sorry you arm got tore up he was scared and possibly going into shock, thats just a natural reaction for them. Don't take his behavior at that moment to heart, he's not crazy just scared for a moment.
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