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I'm glad these results have finally returned, Rachel to help rule out more dangerous issues and make it pretty clearr that she has a nasty case of cystitis. I sure hope the alterations in her meds will prove themselves effective very quickly. Poor baby,you've been through so much, please feel better soon, Polly!
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As long as the amitriptylene doesn't make her too sleepy, we will retest her urine in 3 weeks.
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I am praying!
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It's never nice to hear that a kitty has something wrong, but this is one of those times when it's so good to hear that Polly has cystitus. When the possibilities were that it could be so much worse this is such a relief . I really hope the treatment sorts this out for her quickly and she gets over the discomfort that she has been suffering.

Big hugs to you both and more vibes for Polly's continued recovery
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I am just incredibly lucky. Cystitis is no picnic for a cat, but Polly has been such a trooper through it all. She only goes outside of the litter box at the beginning of a flare-up. Then once I start getting medicine for her, she always goes in the litter box, even if her urine samples show she hasn't cleared up. My vet said she is telling me that something is wrong. Also, I am lucky because she has stayed incredibly healthy through this whole ordeal, even though she's been dealing with this since November. And she's kept a cheerful disposition. The third reason I am lucky is that I have a very caring vet who is experienced in cystitis because one of her cats, Barley, has it too. Also the staff there is great.

I wish Polly wasn't sick, but I do feel lucky in many ways.

Keep sending effective treatment vibes our way. We may have to try a few medicines.
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Healing vibes and hugs still coming your way. What a little trooper she is!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Healing vibes and hugs still coming your way. What a little trooper she is!

She is a trooper, and I think she's also very brave (not trying to brag or anything )
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Originally Posted by PurrPaws

She is a trooper, and I think she's also very brave (not trying to brag or anything )


She deserves it!
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Here's an update.

I finally got a urine sample from Polly (been trying since Monday). She still has blood in her urine. My vet wants to do some research on Tagamet and possibly talk to a colleague of hers at the University. She's going to call me Monday and we can decide if we want to try Tagamet or maybe put her on steroids. She said the steroids can have some side effects such as eating more, drinking more and urinating more in the short term and diabetes in the long term. I am concerned about starting her on steroids because she's so young still, and we're talking about lifetime treatment. But if nothing else will work, what can I do?

I'll let you guys know on Monday what we decide to do.

Polly sends love to everyone on this thread
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I am sending lots of positive vibes Polly's way.
I'll be watching for your update on Monday.
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Thanks xocats! Sorry no update yet. My vet's mentor at the vet school wasn't in yesterday. She should be back today, but Tuesday is my vet's day off. So I should hear something tomorrow. I'll be sure to update.
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Looking forward to Polly's update, Rachel, and expecting a good report!
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Ok, well, I have an update, but it isn't very exciting.

My vet's mentor referred her to someone else. That person said that we shouldn't change any medications until we can get the specific gravity of her urine down. Her specific gravity is normal for a cat, but we want her urine to be as dilute as possible so it doesn't irritate her bladder. So she needs to eat all canned food and as much liquid as possible. She's crazy about whiskas catmilk, and the vet said that was ok to give her. Also it's ok for her to eat her grass.

She also gave me a website to check out, and she's suggesting a third litterbox. I'm not sure where to put a third litterbox, so I'll have to think on that.

We'll test her urine again in one month.

Anyway that's all I have for now.
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Polly, baby, we're going to figure this out, and you'll be all better!
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What a long and tough ordeal for both of you, but thankfully you seem to be getting the best advice available. I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers!
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She meowed for her dry food this morning, so I gave her some but added water to it (the vet said this was ok). I didn't think she'd eat it like that, but she did.

Once you add water to dry food, does it need to be refrigerated if it doesn't get eaten right away?
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I would probably get rid of it if it isn't eaten quickly. I wouldn't want to risk the bacteria explosion that can come with wetting it and leaving it out. Especially if Polly's immune system is a little worn out battling her cystitis.
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