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Will she use a cat door?

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Hi all!

Marishka is doing great, and she has decided the dogs are ok, and the dogs have decided that she is not as interesting as they initially thought...so they're getting along fine. Great! Except, I can't keep my Jack Russel Terrier (who is on a strict diet) to stay out of her dry food, and can't convince the German Shepherd that the litter box is not a snack box.

I figured I could just add a simple cat door to the room where I keep the food and box...the cat could get in and out as she desires, and I could keep the big door to the room closed so the dogs can't get in. Do you think she would adjust quickly, or at all?

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I think that's a great idea. She should use the door fine. It might be hard to find a door small enough to even keep the jack russel out?

Are you a carpenter?

Best wishes.
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Actually, I found a door already, just contemplating buying it- worried she won't use it.
heh, the jack russel is on a strict diet because she is very, um...rotund. She is also part beagle, so she has a larger build than most jack russels...if she can get through this door, then her diet is working more quickly than we thought...

Oh, and not a carpenter...but I sure will try!
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I think it would take some practice, but totally give it a try!
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If it is an interior door, can you take the door flap off of it?
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Im'm sure she will be able to take the door off it.
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Some cats take to cat doors straight away and know exactly what to do, but if she doesn't try propping it open so that she can get used to going in and out through the hole. Then gradually close it so that she has to push it open a little way, then a lot and so on until she's using it by herself. Most cats have no problem with them.
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I bought www.cathole.com for my new kitten. It was already installed on the basement door when we brought him home. I gently pushed him through the hole (about 5 times) throughout the first day so he would realize what was on the other side. No problems at all getting him to go through to do his business.

I think he likes the protection and privacy it gives him from my 4 and 6 year old children.

You didn't say how old your cat is. Also, would this be the normal door she enters to get to her litterbox and food? Or is this a new location?
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I have a cat door installed in a window to an outdoor enclosure for my cats and most of them took to it right. 2 or 3 it took about a week to get the hang of it. It will work immediately if you can remove the door.

Good luck.
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Marishka is just now 7 months, and it will be in the door where her food and box has always been kept. Hmmm...I'm glad to hear that cats don't seem to have an aversion to it!
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