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silly boy

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I was using my Dustbuster, trying to get the loose cat hair off the back of my couch. Fred was lying there and refused to move, so I vacuumed him. He LOVED it! I did his back and he turned over to get his belly done. Then he stuck his head out and got it vacuumed. It was hilarious. He followed me into the kitchen when I put it away, like he wanted more. I guess it's a good way to keep loose cat hair off the furniture. Now if I could just get the others to try it.
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too funny - ours hate the "green monster"!
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That is too funny. I had a dog once that loved to be vacuumed, but all my kitties just hate even the sight of 'the beas't coming out!
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My sister-in-laws cat, Buddy, loves to be vacuumed. She has one of those canister type vacuumes with the long hose, and he comes right up, and lays in front of it, and she just runs the vacuum all over him...I got a real kick out of it! My cats hide when they hear the vacuum!!
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