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I'm new here and trying to find some answers to a cat related problem.

First of all, I (and my family) have three cats. Faith, the top cat, is a compact, black & white "tuxedo" cat, 13 years old (same age as my son.) Linzy, the mom cat, is a grey and white long haired "tuxedo" cat. My husband rescued her year before last when she was trying to eat birdseed in our garage on a freezing cold day. Frodo, one of Linzy's kittens, is our third cat. He is big and black and a darling.

My problem is, we're moving from the midwest to California - a 6 day drive. I really don't want to have cats in the car all that time - besides the yowling, I'm concerned about the heat, possible dehydration, and general discomfort for all (human & feline) involved. Has anyone sent a cat air freight? Do you have to by a ticket for the cat? I'm having trouble getting into the sites that look helpful. I could use some advice!

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My family is moving soon, from Indiana to California. We have moved with cats before, but it was only a two day trip last time. I really don't want to subject my cats to a six day (or longer) trip. They won't like being in carriers that long ( they don't like it at all, as it is now!) and I'm afraid they will over heat, dehydrate, get sick, get scared etc,....

Does anyone have advice on sending a cat via plane? Can you send the cat without flying yourself? My husband will be leaving two weeks before me and can pick the critters up if I send them? But how is that done? I'm having trouble getting into what look like helpful websites. Please advise!


PS We also have to move our large dog. Hershey is an 80 lb choc. lab/mix. She has not moved before.
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Welcome to the site! Unfortunately I can't help with your problem, but I am sure that some one here can help you. You may want to post this problem in the care section where it might get more attention. Good luck with your move.
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Hi Janeenk~

And welcome to TCS. I have moved your thread over to our Care and Grooming forum, where it might get a few more hits from folks who might have advice relative to your question.
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Here is a link to a thread that discussed something similar, only she was moving from California to Hawaii. Anyway, hopefully this will be helpful for you.

Needed Airline Travel Experience
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Just my opinion, but I would keep them with me. There is to much that might go wrong in the care of strangers and if something does happen to one of them you will be right there with them. We came down from Alaska with 5 cats and 2 dogs and it was a bit chaotic at times, and not as far as you are going, but they stayed with us and calmed down the longer we were on the road. The first day was not fun. I ended up spraying the inside of the carriers with catnip spray, letting it sit out in the open (all before we left) and they would go inside and play and purr and lay down and rub. I also fed them inside the carriers prior to leaving and made it enjoyable for them. I have had cats shipped via plane, but I would of rather had gotten them by other means.
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I've had one cat that was difficult to transport. The vet suggested 1/2 Dramamine. I tested him with dosage, a couple of days before. He was one stoned pussycat! It worked, though and Peanut lived many more happy years.
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