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light vent.

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Sorry just need to vent a little bit.

For the last few weeks, I had been having trouble doing my reading for class. For some reason, after 10-15 minutes of reading, I just couldn't keep my mind on it. Makes it hard when you have well over 200 pages to read every week.
I just realized recently that it wasn't my mind that wouldn't focus right, it was my eyes.
So today I went to the optometrist and it seems that my vision for far objects hasn't gone down much... but for reading, I need much stronger glasses. Well, I couldn't afford progressive lenses so I had to get a second pair of glasses just for reading. It'll be kind of annoying to have to change glasses all the time but at least I'll be able to do my reading soon.
Still, I'm really annoyed that around $150 of the price of the glasses has to come from my own pocket.
Plus now I feel so old... even the optometrist was surprised that I would need reading glasses at my age (28).

Today I was also supposed to submit my time sheet so I can get paid... and I completely forgot! I'll see tomorow if they can still accept it. If not, I'll have to wait two more weeks.

Plus I had some things to go buy after school (including cat food) and I forgot.
I can't go again until Friday.

Right now, I'm cleaning up my apartment. I live in a small one-bedroom WHY THEN DOES IT TAKE SO LONG TO CLEAN????
It's around 30C right now and I don't have A/C.
But I really, really want to get the cleaning done.

And after dinner (if I ever find something to eat), I need to go to the bus station downtown to get a bike my friend sent me, get it to a bike shop and get it assembled. I don't want to do that tonight, but I kind of have to.
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Aw, that sucks that your having a rough day!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better...at least your apartment will be clean
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Hopefully things will get better for you!
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I'm sorry. I had a bad day too. There's always tomorrow!
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Yeah, hopefully things will get better.

But for now, just to add to everything else, my rat Lissy is looking pretty bad. I'm seriously considering calling the vet to have her put to sleep soon.
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