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FYI: Cool Litter Box

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I know there are always opinions about litter boxes. I ordered two Litter Robots and they arrived last week. I wanted to wait a few days before posting to see how they were. I am really pleased! No more scooping or stuck rakes like with a Litter Maid. For those of you interested in automatic boxes, it is worth a look. I didn't have any trouble getting my kids to use it either. And since it is enclosed, it helps with the scattering. I do have one "fling-king" who now occasionally has litter on his back when he gets out, but he is not known for his diligence of hygiene anyway.

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Looked great, until I got to the price! Now that my heart is pumping, again: I believe that we'll continue with clumping litter and the soup strainer. Thanks for the link, though. Bill and I thought the movie was neat!
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Yes, it is a bit pricey. But when I considered that I had gone through 3 Litter Maids in 3 years, I think the Litter Robot is more durable and better designed. One of our cats liked to stand on the waste receptical cover when the Litter Maid was in motion to watch it work. In a short time she damaged that unit because the motor that drives the rake is not very strong. With my two "big bladder" boy cats it often had trouble lifting their piddles. I also have 6 cats so that means a lot of scooping. I started looking at new boxes around Christmas and I saw the system that hooks into the plumbing, but did not think that one practical since I knew I would be moving into an apartment. I also didn't like the idea of the extra water and drying. (I could envision potential problems down the road) All the robots need is a place to plug in and they are quieter than the Litter Maid.
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that really is neat! i can't afford one either we do have a cool one that was only $20 at target-not nearly as good as an electric one, but it sure as heck beats scooping. you roll it upside down and it sifts everything into a drawer that you just pull out and dump
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Too expensive for me too! I hate those blasted litter maids. We bought one a few months back and it's been nothing but trouble. The rake was getting clogged all the time plus it's very difficult to clean as well. I found that I was spending more time cleaning the litter maid with clogs and all then I was when I just scooped the regular litter boxes! The litter maids are fairly pricey for something that doesnt work very well! I found it to be more of a hassle then a convenience. Fergus, my wimpy baby, was afraid of it as well! :tounge2:

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I just checked the website again and noticed that the litter box is not suitable for cats over 17 pounds so that definitely counts me out! Fergus weights a whopping 22 pounds and he's not overweight. He's a very large cat, solid and his nose is quite broad as well. So I guess it definitely is clump and scoop for me!

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Are you still happy with your robot? I'm thinking about getting one but want to know whether you still like it.
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I like the Omega Paw litterbox. It comes in 2 sizes! You can buy it at Wal Mart too!

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Oh how I wish I could afford a few of those litter robot boxes! They look wonderful!
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Originally Posted by Bengal Cats
I like the Omega Paw litterbox. It comes in 2 sizes! You can buy it at Wal Mart too!

I would love to buy a Litter Robot but cannot bring myself to pay $200 for a litterbox. I've had my kitten for 1 month and in search of the perfect box had already tried 3. First was the Littersweep, great concept, bad reality. The rake did not get all of the waste and when it resets itself it throws the sensor off balance, so a red light comes on and it won't work unless you spread the litter around (defeats the purpose). Second, I tried a box with the filter built into it made by Van Ness. I had plenty of clumping litter in there but waste got stuck in the grate and I had to bring it outside to clean it because I didn't want litter to spill on the floor. It was ok, but it was still a hassle. Third, I bought the regular size Omega Paw on Petco.com for $24.00 (I don't know why Walmart doesn't stock them anymore). This thing is GREAT!!! They don't give you any direction as to how much litter to put in there, I guess you want enough to make sure the pee doesn't hit the bottom. I only have one cat and have read others write about the plastic cracking, I haven't had it long enough to comment on that. I can only say that I am very pleased with this box.
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The link given by the first poster is broke.

I take it the price was fairly high ($200?) and it only accomodated small to medium-sized cats?
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This works: http://www.litter-robot.com/

It is much more than $200, but see how it works, it's very cool!
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Sounds cool, but at those prices, I think I will stick to manual cleaning of my booda dom litter box. It kind of looks like litter robot anway, and it cost me 5$ (it was on sale).

It sounds like a great product, really, but 329$?
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What are the dimensions of the Litter-Robot™?

Overall dimensions: 27 ½ in (H), 22 in (W) and 24 in (D).

Waste drawer: 10 ½ in (W), 13 in (L), 4 in (D).

Oval shaped entry opening for the cat: 8 ¾ in (H), 6 ½ in (W).

The litter bed area measures 14 inch across at maximum litter capacity.

There is 13 to 15 inches of head room for the cat inside the globe depending on the level of litter. The inside width is 20 inches across at the widest point, and depth is 15 inches front to back.
See, that wouldn't accomodate Nano because she gets picky about being put into small places against her will. Her original smaller sized litterbox failed because she physically hung out over the edge and went onto the floor...she really needs a XXXL sized box.

If they had a larger size I'd give it a try.
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Sounds like a neat concept but what keep the litter from falling out of the entrance hole? And yes, I bit pricey for me too. I'm probably one of the few people who doesn't mind cleaning waste from the litter box on a daily basis. Maybe I'm just weird, but I like to know how much my cats pee and poop and if there's any odd health issues that may be going on. I think I could catch it sooner than with a litter box I would only need to change once a week. Still, the concept of self-cleaning is excellent as far as convenience.
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