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A Random Meeting

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A very neat thing happened to me today... though I want to give a piece of my mind to a cat owner. Not a very large or violent piece; but still...

I was walking to the library, and there was a large brown tabby sunning himself on someone's driveway, who looked up at me. As I passed I said "hello" to him (with an eye-squeeze and a chirp), so he looked at me, squeezed his eyes, and chirped back, as though I'd said something he understood perfectly!

I couldn't help myself, because he was greeting me in such a friendly fashion; so I approached and let him sniff my hand; and about two seconds later he was headbutting my hand and winding around my feet as though he'd known me for ages! I must have spent at least ten minutes kneeling there and having a conversation with this very gregarious tom.

He was a big-boned, somewhat chubby male with medium-length, beautiful red-brown tabby fur, tipped with white. Quite a beautiful cat; I strongly suspect a Maine Coon or other big-boned, dense-furred cat in his ancestry. He'd been neutered, and not a sign of fleas or ear-mites or anything of the sort. He had a few scars on his ears, though; they were well-healed, but it looked as though he'd gotten into a few scuffles in the past. Evidently an outdoor cat.

Still, he wasn't wearing a collar; and it really annoys me that he is such an obviously tame, friendly cat, in danger of being taken into a shelter because nobody knows to whom he belongs! Also, nobody had brushed him in a long while, because there was loose hair all over him that came out whenever you touched him (I have it on my pants now). His hair is only medium-long and quite dense, though; so not brushing him isn't a horrible fault, not like it would be with a long-hair.

I'm still grinning, though. It's been a while since I had such an unconditionally friendly interaction with anyone!
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I would guess that he belonged to the house whose driveway he was in, or one on either side of it, and most neighbors probably know who he belongs to. It would anger me too, though. There's an outdoor cat in pretty much every neighborhood I've lived in... I always make friends quickly with the cats, hardly ever learn the names of the owners. Don't worry too much about this one.

I love it when things like that happen. Someone new moved in two down and they have a beautiful cat named Sadie, who is outdoors often. I was sitting on the porch, called her name and clicked my tongue, and she came trotting over right onto the porch and rubbing all over, petting, purring, she even tried a couple times to sit on my mom's lap. But she was shamefully skinny and had been declawed (remember, she's outside often) and I was so mad at the owners. Funny. I saw her later on a walk, her owner was outside and she came trotting right up to me again.

I had the same warm and fuzzy feeling you have right now! It is lovely when a cat is so trusting and affectionate to anyone who even seems nice.
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I met his owners today.

He chirped at me, as usual; so I went up to pet him; and their car pulled up in the driveway. They're a nice couple, maybe in their 40s or so.

I found out some nice things about him; and some horrid things.

First of all, his name is Tiger. Kind of unimaginative; but who am I to judge? I named my first cat Tiger, too.

They say he's an outdoor cat; and that he's 14 years old (I thought he was much younger; he'd aged so gracefully... they said he had been even more beautiful when he was younger). As a juvenile cat, he appeared on their back porch; and they've been feeding him ever since. He's an outdoor cat, as I'd figured; and they say he wouldn't be happy indoors (likely enough, after 14 years).

But the really horrid part of it was that Tiger had been hit by a car about two months ago; and they were almost going to have him shot (they didn't want to pay to have him put down); but he recovered. They didn't even bring him to a vet!...

Poor thing... we live right next to a state highway... I suppose after 14 years you couldn't have brought him inside; but they could have brought him inside when he was a young cat and first adopted them. Then that wouldn't have happened.

When I asked them about getting him a collar, so people would know he was their cat, they acted like I was sticking my nose where it didn't belong... maybe I was, I guess; but he is such a beautiful cat and they really should take more care that he doesn't get picked up and put in some dead-end shelter.

There was one funny thing I found out, though: Tiger, apparently, is not a very friendly cat to most people. He just "lives and lets live", as his owners told me; and sometimes he takes a swipe at people who pet him too long.

(I think maybe those people don't know how to find out when a cat doesn't want to be petted any more; or when it isn't in the mood; or when you're doing it all wrong. His owners were petting Tiger a bit more roughly than he wanted, for example; and they didn't seem to know how much he liked to be stroked on the side of the face, just under the ears.)

I was a bit surprised to hear that, because Tiger has always been very polite to me; and all those headbutts and winding-around-the-ankles I'd got from him gave me the impression of a very sociable cat indeed.

I wish I had a picture... maybe I'll carry my camera with me, and take a picture of a pretty tree on the roadside that just happens to have a cat reclining in the shade underneath it...
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