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who doesn't leave messages on answering machines/voice messaging?

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My mom refuses to leave a message on my answering machine because she doesn't like her voice How dumb is that!!?? I always know it's her calling........ Anyways, you'd think that if it were something important enough, she'd give in and leave a message, right? NO! She called me yesterday before I had to leave for work, and I didn't call. So, she called today after I got home...... I didn't answer it. So, I called her back, and the reason she called me was to tell me that my great-uncle (her uncle) had died yesterday! I knew him practically growing up, but him and my aunt moved back to Illinois a few years ago, so I never heard from them.

Anyways, this just proves to me that no matter how important something is, she won't leave a message. Makes you wonder..........
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I'm guilty of not leaving messages But I think that if it were something like a death in the family I would leave a messages saying 'please call me ASAP, it's very important'
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I always leave a message! I hate dead air on my answering machine.
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I usually leave a message...kinda depends on the situation. I have to laugh, my mother is the exact opposite of yours. She blabs on forever on the machine, actually has a whole conversation on there. Sometimes I think she'd rather get the machine, because she really doesn't want to hear you talk, she wants to just say her piece. I guess she doesn't feel threatened by the machine, because it doesn't give away her age. That's what she hates. She is about at the point where she will stop claiming me as a daughter because my age gives off too much of a hint to hers.
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I don't... I hate talking to machines!!! But I'm like Airprincess, if it was a matter of great importance I would say something..
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I work erratic hours and am hard to reach, sometimes. Voice mail is a necessity, for me.
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I almost always leave a message. I hate when someone hangs up on my voicemail, and then leaves me wondering who it was that called.

Hey Colby, you've left me a message before. Does that mean you love me??
:laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2
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For those of you who don't leave messages: how come you don't?
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If it's important, I always leave a message, BUT, if, for example there is a good movie coming on or I think of something funny, etc., and I get a machine, I don't want to listen to the whole message, (which I have memorized, by the way!) just to say, "It wasn't important; I'll call you back." This might be because my kids have the children do long, sing-song, memorized messages in unison, and I have heard the same message over and over again for a year. I have tried suggesting nicely that a new message would be welcomed, but---
I think most of us make our messages too long and boring. If I am getting bored with my little ones' messages, how much more are people tired of our same old long spiel?

I like the short ones or very original ones. One of my piano students mom's message said, "Rascal! (Sorry; just a minute.) Get off that table NOW ! Come here, you bad kitty. Oh, hi, I'll bet you thought I was a real person, huh? Leave a message, ok?"
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I'm with Jeanie and many others. If it's important I'll leave a message. If it's just a stupid little call that has no meaning in the real world, then I'll just hang up.
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Im guilty of not leaving messages, but if it was a really important thing i would leave a message. But if its a call just to talk and they dont answer i wont even bother i dont see a reason to.
But thats just my opinion.

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I almost always leave a message.
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