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Good news Bad news

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Okay I'll start with the bad news first. Someone pulled the fire alarm in my building today. Now this would be annoying if several factors didn't come into play. 1. We have two cats. This means that I have to grab the cats throw them in their carriers, and run into the hallway with them. 2. I live on the 12th floor. This means I have to take two SCARED cats down 12 flights of stairs while people laugh at me because they are both crying. 3. I have to sit in my car for half an hour while the fire department scours our building for said fire. The meowing then beings to ware on me. 4. I find out that some kid pulled it because he thought it would be funny. I won't post what I said, or wanted to have done to the child because this is an international forum and I would get arrested.

The good news: the parts for my digital camera came today. Now you all know what that means. I get a proper siggy like everyone else, not the silly little poem. I also get to start a HUGE thread in the Furpics section of my two boys. It's charging now. I should have pics in a few hours if I can figure out how to post them.
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We have a good news thread
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That stinks!

I remember it being a Friday night or early Sat morning after a bunch of people just got home from partying and some doofus pulls the fire alarm in the dorm. People are retarded.
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