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Litter for Kittens

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We've got 2 kittens arriving next Monday and I've been advised not to use clumping litter for them. The two older boys we already have use clumping litter.

I don't really want to go to a straight clay litter as it seems like a real pain so has anyone had any good experiences with any of the alternatives? Hubby's thinking we should try Swheat and I thought about either the pine or crystal ones.
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Clumping litter is OK as long as it's not a clay clumping litter IMO.

When Bijou was a baby, he sneezed badly when using the litter and I was worried the clay dust would get into his system, draw moisture and cause clumps that would hurt him or even eventually kill him.

I changed to Swheat Scoop because it was corn based and knew it wouldn't hurt him if he swallowed it. But I also found it very dusty. I then tried World's Best Cat Litter and I love it. I only fully change out my litter boxes once per month. I scoop daily and sometimes twice a day (on weekends) and add a cup or 2 of new litter about every 2 days. The litter pans are in our bedrooms and we don't have an odour problem. (I asked my friend whom I know would be honest if she could smell litter when she visited about 2 weeks ago and her comment was that she could only detect a light smell if she was standing directly over the litter.)
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