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Flying hair => Stuffy nose, itchy eyes and hives

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Hi all!
I am desperate! Apparently I have developed an allergy towards my sweet Singa overnight!!!

I have noticed already several months back that Singa is shedding like crazy.. it can't be a seasonal thing coz it's ongoing and the amount of hair she looses is steady.

3 weeks ago I woke up with a stuffy nose. Since I went through a series of illnesses the weeks before (e.g. tonsilitis, bronchitis, etc), I just thought I had caught a cold again.... but when the top of my mouth started itching I realized it is some type of allergy. However, there was no difference between being in near proximity to Singa or being out of the house so I thought it may be something different.
Suddenly after two weeks I got big time hives all over my body. Couldn't explain that either till my doc asked me if I had cleaned the house... And I did clean away all the cat hair (coz I noticed there was massive hair where she naps). While I did this, I was pleasantly surprised that I showed no reaction on the spot, but obviously it only came out the next day in form of hives.
It went so far that I had all the allergy symptoms (stuffy nose, itchy eyes and throat, hives, pressure on the lungs etc.) The doc gave me antihistamines and fortunately I went directly on a three week vacation.
However, I am still feeling some allergy symptoms (sneezing and stuffy nose) tho I am not anywhere near cats.
I am completely afraid that I may remain allergic to her now (I have had her for almost a year without any problems).

Any advice on this????

My doc said it may be that my body was already so weak with all the illnesses, but I really want to do anything I can to live allergy free. How can I keep her from shedding so much??? Is it the food? I feed Science Diet dry and different wets (Fancy Feast, Snappy Tom and TikiCat).

I will definitely keep her out of my bedroom now.... Any further advice is highly appreciated!!!

I am really desperate! I love my little baby!!!!
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If you have health insurance, I would ask your doctor to for a skin test. That way, you will know if it is really allergies and what exactly you are allergic to. In my experience, it is rare to be allergic to cats and nothing else (mold, dust, trees, grass). If you are allergic to other things, you will need treatment regardless of the cat.

My friend recommends Singular -- it combats most the symptoms you mentioned.
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Are you sure it's your cat? I wouldn't expect a cat allergy to develop that suddenly. Maybe it's hay fever or something? I have similar symptoms but I know I'm allergic to dust mites (and pollen) and not cats. I'd recommend having some allergy tests done to find out exactly what you're responding to and then you can treat it from there. I take anti histamines most of the time and just put up with the rest.
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When I was a teenager I was tested positive to dustmites and cat hair. But I have never reacted in real life.

I have developed hay fever and a fruit allergy about 3-4 years ago... it came basically together. But I think I can exclude hay fever as I live in Singapore and nothing really blooms in that sense, I think at least. In two years I have never reacted either.

I am pretty sure it is the cat as the hives only came out after vacuuming Singa's hair and I also got a serious rash approximately 15 minutes after I held her to put her into the cat carrier before I left for my vacation.

Nevertheless, I will definitey have a test done when I am back in Singapore, but I still would like to hear if anyone has expereince with hypersensibilazation (or whatever it is called).

And also.. what can I do to stop her shedding???

Thanks for your help in any case!
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Can you get petal cleanse outside of the UK?

I've heard it's very good at controlling cat allergies. You wipe it on the cat once a week.
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cat allergies CAN emerge suddenly. I always had cats as a child and then I got two kittens as a young wife and that threw me over the edge. There are many things one can do to work with allergies and own a cat: Scrupulus vacuuming with a machine that has a hepa filter. Buying a room filter. wiping your cat down with allergy wipes or even a damp washcloth. Wearing a dust mask when you change litter boxes. Always washing your hands after touching the cat and finding either a prescription or over the counter antihistamine that works for you. and of course there are allergy shots. I do all of that and I am thrilled to be into my 8th month with a cat who now sleeps on my bed and I am symptom free. If I didn't do all these things I would be hospitalized with respiratory arrest. So don't give up, it is very manageable and one can have allergies and the joy of a cat. (I wouldn't do multiple cats of course)
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Thanks for the tip! I didn't know something like that existed. It sounds promising. I saw on the website that they have some petshops outside the UK who sell it. Unfortunately Singapore isn't one of them, but maybe it's just not listed. I'll take a look around when I get back.

Do you mean you are now not allergic to it the cat anymore after the shots, or do you actually go stick to all what you wrote to be allergy free? Is it the same product as urbantigers mentioned that you use as allergy-wipes? Do you feel the cat is ok with it?

I'm really happy about the feedback! Thanks!
I have decided to go straight from the airtport to the biggest pet shop in Singapore to find an anti-allergene. And I will give Singa a good bath as soon as we reach home

And for the time being I will stick to pills as well till I can find out if the antiallergene helps

Would be happy to hear of more experiences especially with this anti-allergene wipe thingy!
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Hi, x-ta-Z
I can relate to your problems. I am very allergic to my kitties. I've tried various shampoos, cat wipes, even food. But the fact remains that I am still allergic to cats. I went to an Allergy specialist and had skin tests done. Turns out I'm allergic to the whole planet, not just my cats. Being around something that I am slightly allergic to (my cats) boost my other allergies (weeds and grasses) so it's like I get an allergic reaction to everything. So it is very possibly that not only are you allergic to your cats but you also are allergic to other things. Weeds, pollens, grasses are the things most people are allergic too. These types of things are in the air all the time so its hard to say that your cats are your main problems. I agree with the other posters that you should get an allergy test done as soon as you can, especially if you are getting hives. An allergist will be able to determin what the cause is and recommend a way to fix why your body is reacting so.

The way I have couped with my allergies to my cats is I go in every week and get 5 allergy shots...yes 5, I am a human pin cushion. On top of the shots I also take zyrtec and singulair every night. I vacuum daily to every other day to keep cat dander, cat hair, and dust down in the house. I also have 2 hepa filters in the house which are constantly running. After all of that I can breath nomally and my allergies are down emmensly from what I was experiencing.

Things you should check are if you have changed laundry detergents, soap, perfume (also if you have a significant other check to see if he/she has changed anything recently), your cats litter, cleaners (I had a reaction with pine sole), pretty much anything that comes in contact with your skin. Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat? As it is possible for the cat to get into something and bring it home to you if it is an outdoor cat.

Since your cat is shedding more then normal make sure you brush her daily. Has she always been on Science diet? It doesn't hurt to change her food if you think it will help with her shedding problems.

Hope you find out the cause of your hives. Keep us posted.
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wow, great info in this thread.

I'm thinking too it might not be the kitty, even though you mentioned your reaction after cleaning up. I have many allergies, but not to cats, and everytime I clean I get all congested and wheezy - but it is from the dust I stir up, since dust is an allergen to me.

Hives though makes me think it is a food allergy. I woke up one day covered in hives. Two weeks later - found out giving up soy was the only thing that made them go away. Hives is a common reaction with food allergies.

Please note: The scratch tests at the allergists are not foolproof.

As far as shedding, some pet food companies make specific dry food for shedding. I believe Royal Canin carries one. I would try a specific shedding formula cat food, and see if there is improvement.
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ummmm the wierd thing about me is that at first i was allergic to cats i go near a sofa that had cat hair i would get all these rashes start to sniz a lot and nose get stuff up i had this when i was like 15 yrs old ......... i don't kniow what happen but when my Girlfriend wanted a cat i said oh Poopy what am i gonna do....... but like a good guy that i am i started to look for kittens (inside me thinking man what am i gonna do) i found a couple so my girlfirend and i went to this one place saw this nice looking kitten got it but as soon as i got near the cat i started to snuff up eye watering but i still brought............ like i said i don't know what happen but when i got the kitten i was all watery and allergic to it for aweek after that week past my allergies went away at that point i was 20 and now have the cat for a year and i love my cat

But if you ask me what pills i took what cleaning methoded i use i can't tell ya cuz i took nothing to get rid of my allergies
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Originally Posted by x-ta-Z
Do you mean you are now not allergic to it the cat anymore after the shots, or do you actually go stick to all what you wrote to be allergy free? Is it the same product as urbantigers mentioned that you use as allergy-wipes? Do you feel the cat is ok with it?

i just use a damp washcloth with warm water in winter, cool water in summer. And i am not symptom free but an antihistamine eliminates all my symptoms and lets this cat sleep on my head if she were so inclined. I dont wear the mask or have to vacuum daily anymore either. the shots are great !!
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I feel your pain about your allergies. . . .I have severe allergies to dogs and moderate to cats. I have also had hives along with my allergy symptoms. Basically, my allergist told me that hives are 99% not allergy related. They are an affect of histamines/toxins in your skin that come up when your body is under stress (heat, personal, allergies, sickness, etc) I have taken MANY medications to reduce my hives and now I'm all cleared up and I'm on allegra and zoloft. But that's another story....

Think of it this way : Your body is like a glass of water. hives are a way to tell yourself that your glass is overflowing due to whatever. They don't show up until your body is 'overflowing'.
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Thank you so much for your responses!

I am back in Singapore now and my allergy has gotten better. It isn't gone yet though.

When I picked Singa up from her 'catsitter' I directly went to brush her so that the hair doesn't fly around the house. I did get a stuffy nose, but that was basically it. I had expected more. Just to be sure I took antihistamines. The last few days it has been on and off with the stuffy nose. So now I am really not sure if I am that allergic to her. But maybe it is also because I gave her a nice bath yesterday

I went to see a doc (GP) who of course told me to find a new home for her. But I won't give up that easily. I have an appointment with another allergy specialist next week Saturday. I will take some of Singa's hair along so he can test me on her specifically. At least I hope he can do that!

Other than that her shedding has decreased a fair bit. I changed the dry food to Royal Canin and I give her some supplements for her coat and skin. Also today I bought one of those water fountains, hoping that if she drinks more then the fur will improve as well.

Anyways, we will see. I will keep you updated as soon as I come back from the doc!

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