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sticking my head in

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Hi, everyone,

Just sticking my head out of my shell for minute before returning to lurker mode.

First of all, Hissy, you flatter my skills! I'm glad you enjoyed your present, I just wish it hadn't taken so long to get to you!

Sparky has begun another course of antibiotics. He has gone from an abscess at the root of his tail, to impacted glands a little further up. I finally found a vet who was willing to work with me on payments, and hopefully once this is done, I'll be able to start with getting the remaining boys neutered.

(slightly longer story)

My divorce was final at the beginning of the month. Jim (my ex) had been paying more than the stated support amount until then, because he knew I wasn't working. Once the paperwork went through, he reverted to that amount, which isn't quite enough. Also, even though he gets paid on the first, the money is processed through the courts and might take 10 days to reach me. Combined with meager savings, it isn't enough to pay the rent, and with the money already deducted from his paycheck, he wouldn't be able to make up the difference. So you can imagine the stress.

Now, ages ago (almost 20 years! I can't be that old! lol), a friend of mine got married. They were both in college, which is how they met. I had come into some money, and I offered her, instead of a wedding gift, if they would rather have cash. I ended up paying for a semester of college for one of them. And I really never thought about it, I was glad to do it for them.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to my mailbox, and inside was a check from my friend for next month's rent. I am completely blown away by her kindness. Not only she is a true friend, but here is proof that what goes around, comes around, even sometimes years later.

Additional good news: I listed myself with Kelly services again, something I did years ago. Within a week, they sent my resume to a potential employer, and it looks like I'll be picking up a couple weeks of work at $9/hr too. That alone meets my budget for this month, and leaves me the incoming child support to pay for August's rent.

I feel like things are beginning to look up, for the first time in a long time.

My ex still makes periodic cryptic comments, things like, "Well, you know what happened Saturday, so that means . . . no, forget it, it's no big deal, you just wait and see what happens" Not in a threatening way, but like he has some sort of surprise planned for me, even though he knows I hate surprises. I feel vaguely threatened and uneasy, so I'm still mostly lurking. I so don't want him to surprise with another accusation, as he has in the past. The nastiness is unbelieveable sometimes. I'm not going to detail it, though, I'm trying to move past it.

So I'm returning to lurking mode, but I wanted y'all to know some good things are finally coming around for me, hopefully everything will be much better soon.

Thank you so much for your prayers and other support. It really means a lot to me.

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It is so good to see you post again! I hope that you can drop in more often. I hope the job works out for you and it last for a while. It is nice to know that there is a steady income for a while. We miss you here and I hope things get better for you and our daughter!
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Allie-I'm glad to hear that things are getting better for you finally. That was so nice of your friend to send you money for rent. Thats wonderful that you got a job really quick that gives you some extra money for now.
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Good to see you around - even if it is just popping in. Karma has a way of coming back to us - good or bad. Things have a way of working themselves out most of the time, and I'm glad things are working out for you.
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Stick your head in more often gal! And tell your ex- where I said he could stick his! On second thought...*G*
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It's so good to hear from you I'm am so happy that things are turning around for you, you really deserve it! I'll be sending good thoughts your way that your good luck continues. You've got a terrific friend in your corner. Take care!
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Good to see you. I was blown away by your friend's unforeseen generosity. What a wonderful person! Don't forget to "pay it forward"~ hope you've seen that movie. If more people performed random acts of kindness like this, the world would be a better place.
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Glad to see things are looking up for you. Hope you and your daughter are doing well.
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Good for you, Allie. These divorces are awful. My ex is paying up, on time. Good luck with the job.
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It's good to see your post and I'm glad things are finally beginning to improve. Take care.
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Sunlion....I don't know much about you, being that I am fairly new to this site but........congrats on that nice gift!! It was just too cute!

My heart goes out to you. Divorce has got to bo one of life's toughest obstacle to surmount (from stories I have heard) and with the additional "ex" headaches, it can become very stressful. Hope it all goes well. Nastiness is a form of harrassment. Don't let him do that to you.

P.S. Good friends are angels in disguise. Yours is another story that proves this right.

Sending positive thoughts out to you.

Good luck with your job.
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Glad to hear things are better for you, Sunlion! I hope Sparky gets better, and things continue to look up!
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It sounds like everything is working out good for you, which is excellent news! I hope Sparky will be ok soon. Kelly Services? We have them over here, too..... maybe I'll register myself with them, too I've registered myself with a few of them. I would like to find a job soon, because my last,final day is this Tuesday!
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Allie - it is nice to see you here again - and I am thankful that things are starting to look up for you. You deserve kindness and happiness! Keep hanging in there girl!
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