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This week for us in Wisconsin....Finally is going to reach summer like weather for 4 days all being in the 90's and humid. We unfortunally don't have an air conditioner unless we put it in the window. I don't know how much heat my lil kitties can handle the heat. What should I do with them in order for them to be as comfortable as possible? Any sugguestions? Without putting them in my dangerous basement.
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Cool, tile bathroom tubs and floors are a good thing for beating the heat. Place a little electric fan blowing on low nearby and put the kitties in the bathroom. You can put ice cubes in their water (mine will simply bat them around or fish them out and chase them all over the kitchen floor *grin*).
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The bathroom in out house doesn't have any type of tile and the tub is like a hard plastic because its a whirlpool kind. i know when the mother cat was around she would move them into the basement but i can't put them in the basement now that they can run around theres to many areas in which they can fall into something and not be able to get out. I know for sure i can do the fan thing but im not sure if that is going to be enough for them.
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