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I wonder who?

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Someone has wrecked the wireless mouse.....

That looks like something that Skimbleshanks would do, him being a 14 pound kitten and all.....but where did he go? He just goes into the back bedroom and disappears??

Whats this? A tiny crumb of cat food, and a HUGE lump on the bed......

"What??? What mouse?? Where mouse?? I didin do nothin.....I wudden even there....I wasn't born yet.....I was a innercent bystander....."

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That is a cute way of showing your pictures!! Looks like you cat has a "What I didn't do anything" look on his face
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That was cute.. and I love the look on his face..
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He's innocent my girls said!!
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Looks innocent to me!
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Awwww!! He does look scared that he's in trouble!
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Awwww! I love his markings and I don't know, that look seems slightly guilty
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I'm sure he's innocent. There's not a jury in the world that would say that cute face is guilty.
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I'd love to say he's innocent...his face tells a different story, though!
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LOL, that was so funny! You know Pitufo did the same thing to my wireless mouse a few days ago....I had to go buy another one.
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A 14 pound kitten? How old is he really?

I love the look on his face.
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Originally Posted by Godiva
A 14 pound kitten? How old is he really?

I love the look on his face.
Actually, he is 2 1/2 years old, but he doesn't act like he has matured in the least bit. He still tries to climb curtains, romps and races, and still likes to be carried draped over a shoulder just like the day I brought him home

And, seeing as there were no witnessess, I guess that we'll just have to assume that he is innocent this time
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