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Ok IK some have said maybe my cat was having silent heat cycles. Could that start after a year or over of having very LOUD obnoxious heat cycles. My cat always sprayed, was VERY VERY VERY vocal 24/7, my neutered male would go nuts and try to mate with her, butt in the air non stop, the whole walking in place with her back legs etc. when she went into heat.

Well since she got out she has not gone back into heat. And I have been checking all the time. it has now been 11 1/2 weeks since the beg. of her last heat cycle and 72 days (I think) since she came home from being let out (by my 3 yr old as she is an indoor only cat) so assuming the lack of heat isn't a preg. since she is past the 70 days. But I have even been watching her behavior and there has been no crouching, no spraying, my males shows no signs that she has gone into heat. so do they not do anything if they have a silent heat cycle????

I am taking her to the vets soon but $ is tight and trying not to dip into savings (besides the spay) if I don't have to so trying to wait till bills are paid and we have some extra cash which should be in a week or two.