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fixing kittens

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At what age can kittens be fixed without causing health problems? I am currently taking care of three stray babies and they are approx 3 months or very slightly over that. [12-14 or 15 week]. I am not 100 percent certain on age. I knew a stray had them but they were hid very well from me. I searched for them. When the mama finally brought them out of hiding, she put them under my porch. The babies live in my house now so they will be safe. I am looking into low cost spay programs and I was wondering if they are too young. Should I wait?

I have no experience fixing babies. Mine were never younger than 6-7 months when they were fixed.

Thanks in advance,
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Here's the link to the Winn Feline Foundation report on early spay. What I've heard most is that females can be spayed when they reach 2 pounds. I'm not sure when males can be neutered.
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Males or females 8 weeks and at least 2 pounds.

The problem is finding a vet that does it.
Best way is to contact local shelters and find out who they use as a vet.
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Better to do them early, and get them into their new forever home before they get a chance to have babies! And you can't always trust people to spay and neuter (even if they have spay and neuter certificates) if the cat doesn't already come fixed.
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