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The daily thread July 12, 2006

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Well the heat wave is coming!!!!! 90's for Thursday-Sunday. And humid too.
Only us lucky people in the Upper Midwest get the wide range of temps from the 90's to -20!! And us with no air conditioning too.

No rain yesterday next chance is Sunday...

Picked some raspberries for breakfast, baked a cherry crisp and froze the rest of the cherries-however there are more to pick!!

Have to visit some greenhouses/nurseries today for some clients. Will try to slip some gift shopping in there too.

Had a upset stomach last night-don't know why hopefully it will calm down today.

Not much else going on!!
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We have the same problem here about no rain!!
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Good Morning! My sister has once again ticked me off! She forwarded and e-mail she sent to a friend thanking her for all the work she has done on the baby shower and all the stuff that wouldn't have gotten done if it wasnt for her. Uh I am the one planning the baby shower and my mom is the one paying for it! Where is our thank yous? Ugh! *Rant over*

Anyways! I am going to have a good day!
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For some reason I'm in a really crappy mood today

I dont want to be at work and it seems like everything is happening at once... again

I hope everyone has a good day
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Today should be a good day for me.. I'm taking the adoption form to the shelter and then I'll just be waiting for them to approve it..

Hope everyone else is having a good day.
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It is SO humid here today, I can't stand it! The air is so thick, it is actually hard to breathe. I really have no motivation to do anything at this point. I am sitting here paying bills right now, and will probably do a few small things around the house. I could go to a nice air-conditioned store, but then I would want to buy things
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Hi Everyone!

Well, I made a delicious dinner last night, a teriyaki glased filet mignon roast, fresh string beans in garlic/basil/parmesan cheese seasonings, garlic & herb mashed potatoes, and corn. Mmmmm, it was good. I was blessed by the Princess last night, my LuckyGirl spent the whole night sleeping with mommy... in between my knees, so as I tossed & turned, I had to be semi concious that I didn't kick her, she was fine with that. And we didn't even have any thunder or anything!

Today I really have to do laundry, as I procrastinated another day away yesterday...

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Hi everyone!!

It is now 12:42pm and I haven't even seen this thread yet...I must be blind!

Today is nothing special for me...Just workin, and going straight home after work..NO gym today..I need a break. Man, the last 2 times I went, BOTH of my gym boys weren't working...Darnit!! Where are those manly hunks of goodness when I need to look at them?

Anyway, maybe tomorrow I'll get my eyeful

Have a great day everyone!!
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God is so hot!!! 90 today. but a 30% or 40% chance of rain thank god.
I am going to be on here all day. maybe clean my house.
I hope everybody has a Nice Cool day.
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Hi everyone!
It's yucky hot here too. Yesterday it was stormy and muggy so now it's just plain old hot.
The kitties are either on the porches or in here with me. Thank goodness for enclosed porches. I love the fact that the cats can sit on them and I really don't have to worry about them getting hurt. (But I still check on them now and again.)
I have to work today. Tomorrow we are going to see Honeys Grandpa in IA city.
From the information I got yesterday, he's supposed to be having surgery today.
I sure hope everything is ok. I haven't heard anything yet. It was at 7 am.
I don't want to go to work. I really dislike the person I'll be working with. He's such a horses butt! Thinks he knows everything. Has no respect for management, thinks he can walk all over you. In general, a horses butt!
He makes my shifts pretty much horrible, but yet my manager says I still have to work with him, so I make his shifts the same darn way! She thinks he's the cream of the crop because he comes in when she needs him to. Ok, so what? Then he gets this attitude and says if you lost me, you'd be screwed. Um, no, not really. It'd be hard because you're a good cook, but noones irreplacable. ( and to tell you the truth, it'd be a nicer place if he wasn't there IMO) He's always swearing on the frontline, wears his pants down to the middle of his butt, doesn't shave, basically acting like he's all that and he's not.
Oh well, I only have to deal with him once in awhile thankfully, and unfortunately todays the day. Please let it be over fast.

Have a nice warm day everyone!
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Got totally soaked bringing in groceries this morning. That was before the flash flood warning was issued for my county!

Ugh, I have bills to pay, too.
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Let's see, I went to the doctor to have my back aligned and she told me to lose 20 pounds and start doing crunches. Then I also got soaked bringing in groceries and a baby. We're supposed to have rain through Friday off and on. We needed it, but now it's so freaking humid. Any tips on how to lose 20pounds? Here's the best incentive in the world (besides my health) Brent is going to give me $500, if I can lose the weight, to buy new clothes - woohoo!!
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Hello good morning (atlest for another 15 minutes lol)

This morning I woke up and had breakfast (a new thing for me) and then I had to get my son ready to go see the doctor to get new ear plugs for him and now I am just trying to catch up with TCS.

This afternoon, I want to get some house work done(never ending job with my son and DH) and then go for a good walk but that's about it.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Originally Posted by goosehazel
Any tips on how to lose 20pounds? Here's the best incentive in the world (besides my health) Brent is going to give me $500, if I can lose the weight, to buy new clothes - woohoo!!

Its a fee site and there are forums with people who are trying to lose weight too. Great site!
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