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Cat Teeth...lol

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Have you guys ever really looked at your cats little teeth between the fangs (canines?)..I'm not sure what the pointy ones are called....but the little teeth in between are so hilariously tiny I can't even beleive it . I always look at Trouts and I laugh so hard. I call her Pinteeth, because they look like little pins their so small

Anyway, if you haven't notice them, take a good look at them, they are the funniest thing I've ever seen...what's the point of teeth that small anyway?
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hahaha.. cute little teefers

I have no idea what the purpose of those teeth are. They look to small to do anything.
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I think they are so cute! like baby teeth!
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I have never noticed... usually when I'm looking in her mouth, it's to pry something out that doesn't belong in there... and I do mean pry. It looks like something off of National Geographic... I run after her, she takes off, I tackle her to the ground, hold her between my knees and PRY her jaws open to get whatever it is out that she's not supposed to be eating, say a barbie shoe etc. And she fights me "tooth" & nail!
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I know exactly what you mean! Sime's teeth were so tiny, especially when looking at them next to his huge fangs!
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aww... Katies are so cute too.
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Those cute little teeth are called incisors.
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