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Scratching/Digging at doors

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My cat doesn't like being shut into or out of certain rooms (can't blame him) but unfortunatly it's simply necessary sometimes. The problem is he digs/scratches the doors to try and get in/out. He wears soft paws, so its not a problem because he's clawing, but the digging is RUINING my carpet. He ends up literally ripping up the carpet and shredding it. He doesn't dig as much if I'm in the room with him (even if he's closed in the room with me) but if he's alone? It'll go on for hours!
He knows what "no" means, and usually when I shout 'no!" at him he stops for a few moments, but it always resumes. I'm not sure what to do other than call out-- I feel that opening the door to reprimand with a spray bottle will only show him that scratching=opening-door. Any thoughts?
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How about putting down a heavy duty transparent runner...
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I tried that, actually-- but with it there my doors can't open! Thanks anyhow though...
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Your doors will open if you have the bottoms planed (or do it yourself). It's fast and easy once the hinges are off and doesn't otherwise compromise the doors.
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double sided sticky tape (or sticky paws) worked for us. good luck. roxy is about as stubborn and persistant as they come. slowly but surely, she's learning that scratching at the door is a no-no.
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Well I think you should talk to your vet about suggestions that will work for you. Even if its not a medical problem, the vet is always the way to go.
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If you dont want to make a trip to the vet you could always talk to the office person. they usually know a thing or two about cats. heh
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I gave up on solutions and now there is a hole in my carpet next to the jam. Oh well with 5 kits and 5 dogs the carpet is trashed anyway.
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Kasey used to do the same thing, using soft paws to rub at the door when I'd shut him in. The squirt bottle trick worked with him, somewhat. I'd open the door an inch or two and squirt him in the face, (feeling bad about it, but still...) and I'd also tell him 'NO' very firmly when I was in the room with him. Now he's stopped doing that almost completely, and instead just sits at the door and meows pitifully, but doesn't scratch/rub at the door.

Jack, my problem child, is another matter. He pulls at the carpet incessantly, and neither squirting, nor a firm 'NO' has any effect on him. Mom and I are trying to figure out a device to protect the corner of the carpet from further damage, so if we come up with a passable solution I'll let you know.
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What about just covering that area of carpet with duct tape or foil? I don't think they like the texture of it, and maybe it will stop your kittah.
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